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Biodegrability of Plastic

Read the new SAPEA Evidence Review Report presenting the latest scientific evidence on the biodegradability of plastics in the open environment.


Professor Benno Werlen has launched an international initiative to highlight the significance of attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before the 2030 target date.

2021 William Prager Medalist

Professor Gerhard A. Holzapfel, member of the Physics and Engineering Science section of the Academy, was awarded the prestigious William Prager Medal.

Barcelona Hypatia European Science Prize 2021

Call for Nominations for the Barcelona Hypatia European Science Prize (3rd edition, Humanities and Social Sciences).
Deadline for nominations: September 30, 2021.

Climate and Biodiversity Crisis

Key Messages from European Science Academies for UNFCCC COP26 and CBD COP15:
The urgency of the climate and biodiversity crises requires closer coordination between UNFCCC and CBD.
EASAC publishes a Commentary summarizing EASAC’s ten years of scientific analysis covering environmental, energy and biosciences set against the scary backdrop of an inexorable increase in temperature and humidity.

Donald Dingwell member of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador

We are pleased to report that professor Don Dingwell, Chair of Class B (exact and Natural Sciences), Academic Director of the AE Knowledge Hub - Munich, has received the highest honour from the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

SAPEA Call for nomination of experts

Call for the nomination of experts to take part in a SAPEA Working Group on ‘Strategic crisis management in the EU: Improving EU crisis prevention, preparedness, response and resilience’

European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA)

The 10th call for the 2022 European Young Researchers' Award is now open. The call open for applicants in PhD and Postdoc category.
The deadline for the 2022 call for both awards is Friday September 17, 2021 at 12:00pm CEST.

5 years Cardiff Knowledge Hub

Academia Europaea's Cardiff Knowledge Hub celebrates its 5th anniversary.

Participation of Switzerland under Horizon Europe

Academia Europaea unreservedly endorses and supports the concerns as expressed in the open letter of the European STI Councils and Advisory Bodies and other Science Organisations on the Participation of Switzerland under Horizon Europe.

Maria Leptin

Professor Maria Leptin, member of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology section of Academia Europaea, appointed as the incoming President of the European Research Council.

Karl Fuchs (1932 - 2021)

Professor Dr. Karl Fuchs, distinguished member of the Earth and Cosmic Sciences section, passed away on 22 March 2021 after a remarkable scientific career.
Read the obituary by Hans Thybo, MAE and Sierd Cloetingh, president of Academia Europaea.

Bergen Knowledge Hub

The signing ceremony of the agreement for a new 4 year contract between Academia Europaea and the University of Bergen.
View the video of the signing ceremony.


André Mischke YAE Prize 2021 awarded to Professor Marian Verhelst.

Donald Dingwell elected to the Royal Society

Prof. Donald B. Dingwell, Academia Europaea Vice-President and a member of the Earth and Cosmic Sciences section of Academia Europaea elected as Fellow of the Royal Society.

Christian Dustmann

Professor Christian Dustmann, member of the Economics, business and management sciences section of Academia Europaea has been awarded the Carl-Friedrich-von-Weizsäcker-Prize 2020.

Nominations for the 2022 Novo Nordisk Prize

Call for Nominations for the DKK 5 million (appr. EUR 672,000) 2022 Novo Nordisk Prize.
Deadline: 1 June, 2021.

Postdoc position

Bioelectrodynamics Research team, Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Position can be started from June 2021, but no later than January 2022.


Members of Academia Europaea are invited to participate in the ALLEA project.
The deadline for sending in expressions of interest: April 12, 2021.

Pieter Muysken (1950 – 2021)

Professor Pieter Muysken, member of the Linguistics section of Academia Europaea passed away 6 April 2021.


A committee chaired by Prof. Erol Gelenbe, member of the Informatic section of Academia Europaea, published a report addressing key problems in scientific and technical communication, and peer review.

2021 Premi Ramon Margalef d'Ecologia Open Call

Invitation to AE members to submit nominations for the 2021 Premi Ramon Margalef d'Ecologia.
Deadline: 31st April, 2021.

Qiuming Cheng

AAG Gold Medal awarded to Prof. Qiuming Cheng, a member of the Earth and Cosmic Sciences section of the Academy.

BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards

2021 Nominations open: BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards.
The closing date for submissions is June 30, 2021, at 23:00 GMT.

2021 Abel Prize

Academia Europaea are proud to announce the award of the 2021 Abel Prize to the distinguished member Professor László Lovász MAE, the Academic Director of the AE Budapest Knowledge Hub and a member of the Mathematics section of Academia Europaea.

Wolf Prize 2021

2021 Wolf Prize awarded to two members of Academia Europaea, Professor Joan Steitz and Professor Giorgio Parisi.

RSB COVID-19 Bulletin March 1

Academia Europaea would like to inform its members about the publication of the latest COVID-19 Bulletin of the Royal Society of Biology. The bulletin presents
interesting news about the COVID-19 research.
1 March 2021.

André Mischke YAE Prize 2021

Call for nominations for the André Mischke YAE Prize for Science and Policy 2021.
The deadline has been extended until 15 April 2021.


André Mischke YAE Prize 2020 awarded to Dr Grant Hill-Cawthorne in recognition of his internationally leading roles in academic research, management, and policymaking.

Cardiff Knowledge Hub Annual Report 2020

AE Cardiff Hub’s Annual Report 2020 is available now.

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