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Antoine Bailly

Doctorate Honoris Causa from the University Ioan Cuza of Iasi for Antoine Bailly

Zoltan Esik (1951-2016)

Zoltán Ésik died May 25, 2016.

Sybille Guenter

EPS Emily Noether Distinction for Women in Physics awarded to Prof. Sybille Günter

Press Release

The Academia Europaea urges the government of the Republic of Turkey to uphold the rights of individual scholars and researchers, students and teachers.

Xavier Costa-Guix

Elected as an independent member of Council

EuroScience Open Forum 2016

International and multidisciplinary event about frontiers of scientific and technological research in Europe.
Manchester, United Kingdom.
24-27 July 2016


At their meeting on 26 June, The Council of the Academia Europaea confirmed the election of new members to the four Classes of humanities; social and related sciences; exact sciences and life sciences.

2016 Erasmus Medal

The Academia Europaea have awarded the 2016 Erasmus Medal to Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees FRS MAE at their annual meeting and conference in Cardiff.

Academy of Young Scholars and Artists

New strategic partner of the AE`s Wrocław Knowledge Hub.

Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen

A new collaboration agreement signed by Academia Europaea president Sierd Cloetingh and University of Bergen Rector Dag Rune Olsen

Erasmus Medal 2017

Second call for nominations for the 2017 Erasmus Medal to a scholar from the field of Behavioural sciences, Social sciences, Law or Economics, business
and management sciences
Deadline: October 1, 2016.

Janette Atkinson

2016 Davida Teller Award to Janette Atkinson

Sir Richard Blundell

The 2016 Nemmers Prize in Economics awarded to Sir Richard Blundell

Sir Partha S. Dasgupta

Sir Partha S. Dasgupta awarded the 2016 John and Alice Tyler Prize of the University of Southern California

Sir Andrew J. Wiles

Abel Prize 2016 to Sir Andrew J. Wiles.

Travel Grants

Application for travel grants to the conference "UNIVERSITY GOVERNANCE: IMPEDING OR FACILITATING CREATIVITY?"
Deadline: April 30, 2016.

Brain Prize 2016

The Brain Prize 2016 awarded to Profs. Timothy Bliss and Graham Collingridge, members of the Physiology and Neuroscience section

Letter to the President of the Ukraine

The Board of Trustees have published a letter to the President of the Ukraine on the issue of science funding in the Ukraine.

Press statement in support of Turkish Academicians

The Board of Trustees have issued a press statement concerning the recent repression of academics in Turkey.

Writing Residency

Writing Residency Programme is intended to support and promote artists representing a variety of literary genres, forms as well combining differnt styles. Call for applications!

Global Scientific Policy Advice Needed

Op-ed by Klaus Zimmermann, the chair of the Economics, Business and Management Sciences section

Maurizio Brunori

2016 Eraldo Antonini Award to Maurizio Brunori

Landscapes of Realism

The Nottingham-led International Research Network “Landscapes of Realism: Rethinking Literary Realism(s) in Global Comparative Perspective” funded by the Leverhulme Foundation.

Academia Europaea 2015

Academia Euroapea thanks its members, patrons, institutional sponsors and partners and all visitors of its web site for a fruitful 2015.

Adrian Bejan and the Sagrada Família

New article in The National Geographic about the final phase of construction of The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Lisa Jardine (1944 - 2015)

Lisa Jardine died October 25, 2015.


Newsletter of the Barcelona Knowledge Hub
November 2015

Report on Gain of Function research

EASAC Press Release

Evguenii Burov (1963 - 2015)

Evguenii Burov died October 9, 2015

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015

Tomas Lindahl awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015

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