Call for Nominations#

The Sustainability Award 2024#


Supported by Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation#

The Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation (NST) encourages sustainability-related research and development initiatives and the implementation of sustainable solutions while addressing the following topics:
  • Climate change with an emphasis on global warming reduction
  • Advances in clean and renewable technologies and policies
  • A pollution-free, life-sustaining environment
  • Inspiration for present and future generations with regard to sustainability thinking and changes in societies

A key component to promote the activities described above is the Sustainability Award. These awards are given annually to individuals, organizations, and companies that make outstanding contributions to sustainability. The winners will be presented and will receive the award during a symposium organized by the NST.

The themes for the three Sustainability Awards 2024 are:
  • Leadership in Implementation
  • Outstanding Research & Development in the field of Agriculture
  • Outstanding Research & Development in the field of Water

Winners will receive a cash award, a certificate, and a medal. Minimum cash award for Leadership in Implementation: 300,000 SEK*
Minimum cash award for Outstanding Research & Development in Agriculture: 500,000 SEK*
Minimum cash award for Outstanding Research & Development in Water: 500,000 SEK*
* Swedish krona

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) as the Award Coordinating University (ACU) forms, in consultation with the NST, the Award Committee that will evaluate the nominations and select the final winners in the above-mentioned categories. The Institute for Advanced Study of TUM (TUM-IAS) leads the process and coordinates the work of the Award Committee composed of international scientists and entrepreneurs.

Candidates for the Awards are nominated by third persons. Self-nominations, nominations for the recognition of lifetime achievements, and project proposals for funding will not be accepted.

Nominations are evaluated according to criteria and quality parameters mentioned in the Guidelines for nominators and reviewers.

Nominations must respect a template provided by NST.

Deadline for submitting nominations to the NST: Sunday, March 31st, 2024 (12 p.m./noon CET). More information regarding the Sustainability Awards supported by the NST including the nomination guidelines, the template, and submission modalities under:


Ms Morwenna Joubin at TUM-IAS: /
Ms Tracy J. Wang, CEO of the NST: /

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