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Since 2009, the Academy has moved to mostly electronic communications with its members. A series of monthly E-zine newsletters have replaced "The Tree" (see below). Past E-zine issues can be viewed below.

August 2009(info)
November 2009(info)
February 2010(info)


In addition, information bulletins are sent out as inserts with 'The European Review' four times a year:

Bulletin(info) September 2007Bulletin(info) June 2009
Bulletin October 2008(info)Bulletin(info) July 2009
Bulletin(info) January 2009Bulletin(info) January 2010
Bulletin(info) May 2009

The Tree#

The Academia Europaea's former regular publication The Tree (2000 - 2009) is available as a PDF download:

The Tree 15(info) - Aug 2000 The Tree 20(info) - March 2005
The Tree 16(info) - Feb 2001 The Tree 21(info) - July 2005
The Tree 17(info) - Jan 2002 The Tree 22(info) - July 2006
The Tree 18(info) - Feb 2003 The Tree 23(info) - June 2007
The Tree 19(info) - March 2004 The Tree 24(info) - March 2009

Publications by AE members#

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