Recent publications by AE members#

Cross-cultural pragmatics#

New publication by Dániel Z. Kádár, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, China, and Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungary and a member of the Classics and oriental studies section of Academia Europaea and Juliane House, Universität Hamburg.

The book provides a cutting-edge introduction to cross-cultural pragmatics, a field encompassing the study of language use across linguacultures.

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Earth, Our Living Planet
The Earth System and its Co-evolution With Organisms#

by Philippe Bertrand and Louis Legendre, member of the Earth and Cosmic Sciences section of Academia Europaea.

The book explains the progressive takeover of Earth by organisms since their advent on the planet billions of years ago.

Transcending the Postmodern

Transcending the Postmodern
The Singular Response of Literature to the Transmodern Paradigm#

Edited by Susana Onega and Jean-Michel Ganteau, members of the Literary and theatrical studies section of Academia Europea.

Science in London: A Guide to Memorials

Science in London: A Guide to Memorials#

A new book by Magdolna Hargittai MAE and István Hargittai MAE, both members of the Chemical Sciences section of Academia Europaea, published with a foreword by Sir Paul Nurse MAE. This is the concluding volume of their mini-series about memorials to science and scientists in four great cities in the world, Budapest (OUP 2017), New York (OUP 2017), Moscow (World Scientific, 2019), and now, London.

For more information about the volume (published by Springer Nature) see

The book is available online at

Human Diversity in Context#

Edited by Ferrini Cinzia MAE

The University of Trieste has published an open access volume with presentations from a joint research project of the Academia Europaea and the Department of Humanities of the University of Trieste "which aims to develop new, distinctive strategies to integrate the form and content of ‘knowledge’ and to awaken the sense of responsibility for social prejudices and ‘us/them’ dichotomies, by conveying a socially contextualised understanding of the complexity of the real world and its cultural and religious structures, facets, objects and of course, groups."

Distinguished members of Academia Europaea contributed to the publication.

The Politics of Maps Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine#

A publication by Christine Leuenberger and Izhak Schnell MAE
Oxford University Press

The land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan Valley has been one of the most disputed territories in history. Since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, Palestinians and Israelis have each sought claim to the national identity of the land through various martial, social and scientific tactics, but no method has offered as much legitimacy and national controversy as that of the map.

The Politics of Maps delves beneath the battlefield to unearth the cartographic strife behind the Israel/Palestine conflict. Blending science and technology studies, sociology, and geography with a host of archival material, in-depth interviews and ethnographies, this book explores how the geographical sciences came to be entangled with the politics, territorial claim-making, and nation-state building of Israel/Palestine.

The Temptation of Homo Europaeus. An Intellectual History of Central and Southeastern Europe#

A new edition of the book by Victor Neumann MAE
Scala Publishers

Prof. Victor Neumann, a member of the History and Archaeology section, is a Romanian historian, political analyst, and professor at the West University in Timișoara.

His research area is in the recent cultural and intellectual histories of Eastern and Central Europe. Since 2013 he has been Director of the Timișoara National Museum of Art.

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