Hans van Ginkel - Selected publications#

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  • Ginkel, Hans van (2004), Mobilizing for Education and Sustainable Development. In: The Development Education Journal, vol.10,nr.3, 2004, pp.22-24.
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  • Ginkel, Hans van (2006), Responsibilities, Challenges, Opportunities and Governance - Rethinking the University for the 21st Century. In: Higher Education in the World 2006 - Financing the Universities, pp. XIX-XXVII. GUNI Series on the Social Commitment of Universities 1 , Palgrave.
  • Ginkel, Hans J.A. van, and Marco Antonio Rodrigues Diaz (2007), Institutional and Political Challenges of Accreditation at the International Level. In: Higher Education in the World 2007 - Accreditation for Quality Assurance: What is at stake? GUNI Series on the Social Commitment of Universities 2, pp. 37-57. Palgrave.

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