Juleen Zierath - Publications#

Juleen Zierath has published over 150 original research papers and review articles. She has an H-index of 50.

Major publications

1. Bouzakri, K., A. Zachrisson, L. Al-Khalili, B.B. Zhang, H. A. Koistinen, A. Krook, and J. R. Zierath. siRNA Based gene silencing reveals specialized roles of IRS-1/Akt2 and IRS-2/Akt1 in glucose and lipid metabolism in human skeletal muscle. Cell Metabolism, 4:89-96, 2006.

2. Long, Y.C., S. Glund, P.M. Garcia-Roves, and J.R. Zierath. Calcineurin regulates skeletal muscle metabolism via coordinated changes in gene expression. J. Biol. Chem. 282:1607-1614, 2007.

3. Bouzakri, K., and J.R. Zierath. MAP4K4 gene silencing in human skeletal muscle prevents TNF-alpha-induced insulin resistance. J. Biol. Chem. 282:7783-7789, 2007

4. Deshmukh, A.S., J.T. Treebak, Y.C. Long, B. Viollet, J.F.P. Wojtaszewski, and J.R. Zierath. Role of AMPK subunits in skeletal muscle mTOR signaling. Mol Endo, 22:1105-1112. 2008.

5. Chibalin, A.V., Y. Leng, E. Vieira, A. Krook, M. Björnholm, Y.C. Long, O. Kotova, Z. Zhong, F. Sakane, T. Steiler, C. Nylén, J. Wang, M. Laakso, M.K. Topham, M. Gilbert, H. Wallberg-Henriksson, and J.R. Zierath. Down-regulation of diacylglycerol kinase delta contributes to hyperglycemia-induced insulin resistance. Cell, 132:375-386, 2008.

6. Bouzakri, K., R. Austin, A. Rune, M.E. Lassman, P.M. Garcia-Roves, J.P. Berger, A. Krook, A.V. Chibalin, B.B. Zhang, and J.R. Zierath. Malonyl coenzyme a decarboxylase regulates lipid and glucose metabolism in human skeletal muscle. Diabetes, 57:1508-1516, 2008.

7. Cantó C., L.Q. Jiang, A.S. Deshmukh, C. Mataki, A. Coste, M. Lagouge, J.R. Zierath, and J. Auwerx. Interdependence of AMPK and SIRT1 for metabolic adaptation to fasting and exercise in skeletal muscle. Cell Metabolism 11:213-219, 2010.

8. Garcia-Roves P.M., M.E. Osler, M.H. Holmström, J.R. Zierath. Gain-of-function R225Q mutation in AMP-activated protein kinase gamma 3 subunit increases mitochondrial biogenesis in glycolytic skeletal muscle. J Biol Chem 283:35724-35734, 2008.

9. Chadt A., K. Leicht, A. Deshmukh, L. Q. Jiang, S. Scherneck, U. Bernhard, T. Dreja, H. Vogel, K. Schmolz, R. Kluge, J.R. Zierath, C. Hultschig, R.C. Hoeben, A. Schürmann, H.-G. Joost and H. Al-Hasani. A mutation in Tbc1d1 in the SJL mouse strain confers leanness and protects from high-fat diet induced obesity. Nature Genetics, 40:1354-1359, 2008.

10. Barrès, R. M.E. Osler, J. Yan, A. Rune, T. Fritz, K. Caidahl, A. Krook and J.R. Zierath. Non-CpG methylation of the PGC-1? promoter through DNMT3B controls mitochondrial density. Cell Metabolism 10:189–198, 2009.
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