Agustín Udías - Curriculum Vitae#

Agustín Udías, born in Santander, Spain in 1935, is a member of the Jesuit order since 1953. In 1964 obtained his Ph. D. degree in geophysics from Saint Louis University and in 1971 the degree of Doctor en Ciencias Físicas from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 1963-64 was Research Associate in Seismology at the University of California, Berkeley; 1965-1968 Lecturer at the Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main; 1969-1973 Lecturer of Seismology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid; 1973-1977 Associate Professor at the Universidad de Barcelona. Since 1977 was Professor of Geophysics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and from 2005 Professor Emeritus. From 1978 to 1986 he was Vice Dean of the Faculty of Physics, and in 1982-1998, Director of the Department of Geophysics and Meteorology. In 1976-1994 Chairman of the Subcommission on Physics of Earthquake Sources and in 1982-1986 Vicepresident of the European Seismological Commission. From 1996 to 2005 was Editor in Chief of “Journal of Seismology (Kluwer, Holland).

Author of “Fisica de la Tierra” (Alhambra, Madrid, 1981), and of “Principles of Seismology” (Cambridge University Press, 1999) El Universo, la ciencia y Dios (PPC, Madrid, 2000), Searching the Heavens and the Earth. The history of Jesuit observatories. (Kluwer, Dortdrecht, 2003), Historia de la Física, de Arquímedes a Einstein (Síntesis, Madrid, 2004), Ciencia y Religión: Dos visiones del mundo (Sal Terrae, Santander, 2010) and with J. Mezcua of “Fundamentos de Geofísica” (1 ed. Alhambra, 1985, 2. Ed. Alianza, Madrid, 1997) and “Fundamentos de Sismología” (UCA Editores, San Salvador).

He has published about 150 articles on the topics of earthquake source mechanism, seismicity and seismotectonics of the Mediterranean and of the Ibero-Maghrebian region. He is member of Accademia Europaea, fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, member of the American Geophysical Union, Seismological Society of America, European Geophysical Society and Real Sociedad Española de Física.

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