Richard Thomas - Selected Publications#

Gholampour, A. and Thomas, R. P., "Degeneracy loci, virtual cycles, and nested Hilbert schemes II", arXiv:1902.04128.

Pandharipande, R. and Thomas, R. P., "The Katz-Klemm-Vafa conjecture for K3 surfaces", Forum of Math, Pi 4, 1-111, 2016.

Addington, N. and Thomas, R. P., "Hodge theory and derived categories of cubic four-folds", Duke Math Jour. 163, 1885-1927, 2014.

Kool, M., Shende, V. and Thomas, R. P., "A short proof of the Göttsche conjecture. Geometry & Topology, 15, 397-406, 2011.

Pandharipande, R. and Thomas, R. P., "Stable pairs and BPS invariants". Jour. AMS. 23, 267–297, 2010.

Pandharipande, R. and Thomas, R. P., "Counting curves via stable pairs in the derived category". Invent. Math. 178, 407-447, 2009.

Ross, J. and Thomas, R. P., "An obstruction to the existence of constant scalar curvature Kähler metrics". Jour. Diff. Geom. 72, 429-466, 2006.

Seidel, P. and Thomas, R. P., "Braid group actions on derived categories of sheaves". Duke Math. Jour. 108, 37-108, 2001.

Thomas, R. P., "A holomorphic Casson invariant for Calabi-Yau 3-folds, and bundles on K3 fibrations", Jour. Diff. Geom. 54, 367-438, 2000.

Donaldson, S. K. and Thomas, R. P., "Gauge theory in higher dimensions". In "The Geometric Universe; Science, Geometry.

And The Work Of Roger Penrose", Huggett, S. A., Mason, L. J., Tod, K. P., Tsou, S. T. and Woodhouse, N. M. J. eds (Oxford University Press, Oxford) 1998, 31-47.

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