Anna Maria Siewierska - List of Publications#


Siewierska, A. (2004). Person. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. reviewed: Martin Haspelmath (to appear) Language; Lachlan Mackenzie (2006) Folia Linguistica

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Edited Special Issues

Siewierska, A. (ed.), (2008) Impersonal Constructions in Grammatical Theory. Special issue of Transactions of the Philological Society, 106.2.

Siewierska, A. & W. Hollmann (eds.), (2007). Ditransitive Constructions. Special issue of Functions of Language 14.1

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Papers in Refereed Journals

Hollmann, W. & A. Siewierska (forthcoming). Definite article reduction in Lancashire dialect: constructions in a socio-linguistic context. Cognitive Linguistics.

Siewierska, A., J. Xu & R. Xia (in 2010) Bang-le yi ge da mang (offered a big helping hand) A corpus study of the splittable compounds in spoken and written Chinese. Language Sciences 32.

Siewierska, A. (2010) From 3ptl-to passive: incipient, emergent and established passives. Diachronica 27.3.

Siewierska, A. (2008) Introduction: impersonalization from a subject-centered vs. agent-centered perspective. Transactions of the Philological Society. Special issue Impersonal Constructions in Grammatical Theory. 106.2: 1-23.

Bakker, D. & A. Siewierska (2007) Implementation of grammatical functions in FDG. Alfa - Revista de Lingüística 51.2

Hollmann, W & A. Siewierska (2007) A construction grammar account of possessive constructions in Lancashire dialect: some advantages and challenges. English Language and Linguistics 11.2:407-424.

Siewierska, A & D.Bakker (2007) Bound person forms in ditransitive clauses revisited. Functions of Language 14.1:103-125.

Hollmann, W & A. Siewierska (2006) Corpora and other methods in the study of Lancashire dialect, Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik 54.1: 21-34.

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Siewierska, A. (1983). Another theory of the passive that doesn't work. Linguistics 21.4, 557-571.

Papers in edited volumes

Yon, Yi & A. Siewierska (forthcoming) R-impersonals in Mandarin. In A. Malchukov and A. Siewierska (eds). Siewierska, A. (forthcoming) Overlap and complementarity in reference impersonals: man- constructions vs. third person plural-impersonals. In A, Malchukov and A. Siewierska (eds).

Siewierska, A. (to appear). Passive agents: Canonical vs. Prototypical Passives. In D. Brown, G. Corbett and M (eds), Towards a Canonical Typology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Siewierska, A. (to appear) The syntagmatic iconicity of person forms: a comparison across Languages. W. Kubinski & D. Stachowiak (eds.), Beyond Philology.

Siewierska, A. (to appear). Person forms. In Jae Jung Song (ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Typology. Oxford: Oxford University Press

D. Bakker and A. Siewierska (2009). Weighing the semantic distinctions in person forms. In. Johanes Helmbrecht, Yoko Nishina, Yong Min Shin, Stavros Skopeteas and Elizabeth Verhoeven (eds), Form and Function in Language Research. Papers in Honour of Christian Lehmann. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 25-56.

Siewierska, A. (2009). Person asymmetries in zero expression and grammatical function In F. Floricic (ed.), Essais de Linguistique Generale et de Typologie Linguistique offerts au Professeur Denis Creissels à l'occasion de ses 65 ans. Paris: Presses de L’Ecole Normale Supérieure, 425-438.

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Papers in Working Papers

Siewierska, A. (1993a). Semantic functions and theta roles. Working Papers in Functional Grammar 55. University of Amsterdam.

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Reference works

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Work in progress

Siewierska, A. & D.Bakker. Semantic dimensions in the grammaticalization of person agreement

Siewierska, A & D. Bakker Three takes on grammatical relations

Siewierska A & D. Bakker Suppletion in person forms

Siewierska A. and M. Papastathi Third person plural constructions
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