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Mylopoulos is one of the leading persons in software engineering.

One of the 300 most cited persons in Informatics world-wide

Concerning impact of his research, the citation on his research record during his induction into the Royal Society of Canada, Academy of Sciences in November 2007 reads in part as follows: “… His seminal work on requirements modeling has had a lasting impact on academic research and industrial practice, and provides a foundation for the popular software engineering practice of model-driven software development …”

Mylopoulos served as president of the VLDB Endowment for 6 years (elected position), general chair of the VLDB conference in 2004, program co-chair of the IJCAI conference in 1991 and general chair of the IEEE Requirements Engineering conference in 2011.

He has supervised or co-supervised 32 completed PhD theses (4 at the University of Trento, the rest at the University of Toronto), as well as 59 MSc theses, more than any of my colleagues in the department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Five of his ex-students held/hold faculty positions at the University of Toronto (John Tsotsos, Hector Levesque, Eric Yu, Igor Jurisica, Thodoros Topaloglou). His ex-students have been awarded an ACM fellowship (Nick Roussopoulos), two Canada Research Chairs (John Tsotsos, Igor Jurisica), an IJCAI’85 “Computers and Thought” prize, an AAAI fellowship (Hector Levesque) and two Royal Society of Canada fellowships (Hector Levesque, John Tsotsos).

Thanks to the prominence of many of his ex-students in the Canadian AI community, he was presented with the first-ever Canadian AI Society Distinguished Services Award (1992) and described as “… often regarded as the person who got the ball rolling with AI research in Canada …” (Discovery Channel, June 2001, http://www.exn.ca/ai/readstory.asp?story_id=2001062053)

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