Axel Meyer - Selected publications#

  • Elmer, K.R. & A. Meyer. 2011 (with cover photo). Adaptation in the age of ecological genomics: insights from parallelism and convergence. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 26: 298-306.
  • Elmer, K.R. Fan, S., Gunter, H., Kuraku, S. Jones, J. Boekhoff, S. and A. Meyer. 2010. Rapid evolution and selection inferred from transcriptomes of sympatric crater lake cichlid fishes. Molecular Ecology 19 (Suppl. 1): 197-211.
  • Van de Peer, Y., Maere S. and A. Meyer. 2009. (with cover). The evolutionary significance of ancient genome duplications. Nature Reviews Genetics 10: 725-732.
  • Elmer, K.R., Reggio, C., Salzburger, W., Wirth, T., Verheyen, E. and A. Meyer. 2009. Pleistocene desiccation in East Africa bottlenecked but did not extirpate the adaptive radiation of Lake Victoria haplochromine cichlid fishes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 106: 13404-13409.
  • Kuraku, S., Takio, Y., Tamura, K., Meyer, A. and S. Kuratani. 2008. The end of the code: Hox14 expression in the shark and lamprey. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 178: 6679-6683.
  • Wirth, T., Morelli, G., Kusecek, B. Molvan Belkum, van der Schee, C, Meyer, A. and Achtman, M. 2007. The rise and spread of a new pathogen: seroresistant Moraxella catarrhalis. Genome Research 17: 1647-1656.
  • Barluenga, M., K. Stölting, W. Salzburger, M. Muschick and A. Meyer. 2006. Sympatric speciation in Nicaraguan crater lake cichlid fish. Nature 439: 719-724.
  • Hoegg, S. and A. Meyer. 2005. (with cover). Hox-clusters as models for vertebrate genome evolution. - Trends in Genetics 21: 421-424.
  • Vieites, D.R, Nieto-Román,, S, Barluenga M., Palanca, A., M. Vences and A. Meyer. 2004. Post-mating clutch piracy in an amphibian. Nature 431: 305-308.
  • Vandepoele, K., De Vos, W., Taylor, J., Meyer, A. and Y. Van de Peer. 2004. Major events in the genome evolution of vertebrates: Paranome age and size differs considerably between ray-finned fishes and land vertebrates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 101: 1638-1643.
  • Verheyen, E., Salzburger, W., Snocks, J. and A. Meyer. 2003. (with cover photo). The origin of the superflock of cichlid fishes from Lake Victoria, East Africa. Science 300: 325-329.

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Total number ISI-indexed publications = 298, sum times cited=16036 average # citations/article=56.55 H-index=70.
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