Herbert Mang - Publications#

Publication record includes 23 books (7 co-authored,16 co-edited), 4 chapters in handbooks, 4 special journal issues and 472 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings.Professor Mang is Co-Editor of 2 international scientific journals and Editorial Board Member of about 50 international scientific journals. His h-index is 31 (Google) and 23 (Scopus).

Selected publications with emphasis on the last 5 years:

1) Zhang Y, Lackner R, Zeiml M, Mang HA, Strong discontinuity embedded approach with standard SOS formulation:Element formulation,energy-based crack-tracking strategy and validations, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,287,336-366,2015

2) Liu S, Liu X, Yuan Y, Mang HA, Constitutive modeling of early age concrete by a stochastic multi-scale method, CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 100,157-200,2014

3) Steinbock A, Kugi A, Mang HA, Energy consistent shear coefficients for beams with circular cross-sections and radially inhomogeneous materials, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 50,1859-1868,2013

4) Mang HA, Hofinger G, Bifurcation buckling from a membrane stress state, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering,90,867-881,2012

5) Mang HA, Hofinger G, Jia X, On the interdependency of primary and initial secondary equilibrium paths in sensitivity analysis of elastic structures, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,200,1558-1567,2011

6) Mang HA, Schranz C, Mackenzie-Helnwein P, Conversion from imperfection sensitive into imperfection insensitive elastic structures I:theory, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,195,1422-1457,2006

7) Mackenzie-Helnwein P, Eberhardsteiner J, Mang HA, A multi-surface plasticity model for clear wood and its application to the finite element analysis of structural details, Computational Mechanics, 31,204-218,2003

8) Lackner R, Mang HA, Scale transition in steel-concrete interaction I: model & II: applications, Journal of Engineering Mechanics of ASCE,129,393-402 &403-413,2003
9) Hellmich C, Ulm FJ, Mang HA, Multisurface chemoplasticity I: material model for shortcrete & II: numerical studies on NATM tunneling, Journal of Engineering Mechanics of ASCE,125, 692-701 & 702-713,1999

10) Meschke G, Lackner R, Mang HA, An anisotropic elastoplastic-damage model for plain concrete, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 42,703-727,1998.

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