!!Herbert Mang - Publications
Publication record includes 23 books (7 co-authored,16 co-edited), 4 chapters in handbooks, 4 special journal issues and 472 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings.Professor Mang is Co-Editor of 2 international scientific journals and Editorial Board Member of about 50 international scientific journals. His h-index is 31 (Google) and 23 (Scopus).
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__Selected publications with emphasis on the last 5 years:__
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1) Zhang Y, Lackner R, Zeiml M, Mang HA, Strong discontinuity embedded approach with standard SOS formulation:Element formulation,energy-based crack-tracking strategy and validations, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,287,336-366,2015\\

2) Liu S, Liu X, Yuan Y, Mang HA, Constitutive modeling of early age concrete by a stochastic multi-scale method, CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 100,157-200,2014\\

3) Steinbock A, Kugi A, Mang HA, Energy consistent shear coefficients for beams with circular cross-sections and radially inhomogeneous materials, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 50,1859-1868,2013\\

4) Mang HA, Hofinger G, Bifurcation buckling from a membrane stress state, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering,90,867-881,2012\\

5) Mang HA, Hofinger G, Jia X, On the interdependency of primary and initial secondary equilibrium paths in sensitivity analysis of elastic structures, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,200,1558-1567,2011\\

6) Mang HA, Schranz C, Mackenzie-Helnwein P, Conversion from imperfection sensitive into imperfection insensitive elastic structures I:theory, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,195,1422-1457,2006\\

7) Mackenzie-Helnwein P, Eberhardsteiner J, Mang HA, A multi-surface plasticity model for clear wood and its application to the finite element analysis of structural details, Computational Mechanics, 31,204-218,2003\\

8) Lackner R, Mang HA, Scale transition in steel-concrete interaction I: model & II: applications, Journal of Engineering Mechanics of ASCE,129,393-402 &403-413,2003\\
9) Hellmich C, Ulm FJ, Mang HA, Multisurface chemoplasticity I: material model for shortcrete & II: numerical studies on NATM tunneling, Journal of Engineering Mechanics of ASCE,125, 692-701 & 702-713,1999\\

10) Meschke G, Lackner R, Mang HA, An anisotropic elastoplastic-damage model for plain concrete, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 42,703-727,1998.