Brian Lucey - Selected Publications#

Authors Title Year Source title Volume Cited by
Dowling M., Lucey B. ChatGPT for (Finance) research: The Bananarama Conjecture 2023 Finance Research Letters 53 103
Ren X., Li J., He F., Lucey B. Impact of climate policy uncertainty on traditional energy and green markets: Evidence from time-varying granger tests 2023 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 173 80
Karim S., Lucey B.M., Naeem M.A., Vigne S.A. The dark side of Bitcoin: Do Emerging Asian Islamic markets help subdue the ethical risk? 2023 Emerging Markets Review 54 41
Lucey B.M., Vigne S.A., Yarovaya L., Wang Y. The cryptocurrency uncertainty index 2022 Finance Research Letters 45 139
Karim S., Lucey B.M., Naeem M.A., Uddin G.S. Examining the interrelatedness of NFTs, DeFi tokens and cryptocurrencies 2022 Finance Research Letters 47 130
Ren B., Lucey B. A clean, green haven?—Examining the relationship between clean energy, clean and dirty cryptocurrencies 2022 Energy Economics 109 65
Akhtaruzzaman M., Boubaker S., Lucey B.M., Sensoy A. Is gold a hedge or a safe-haven asset in the COVID–19 crisis? 2021 Economic Modelling 102 236
Bouri E., Lucey B., Saeed T., Vo X.V. The realized volatility of commodity futures: Interconnectedness and determinants 2021 International Review of Economics and Finance 73 70
Corbet S., Larkin C., Lucey B. The contagion effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from gold and cryptocurrencies 2020 Finance Research Letters 35 513
Bouri E., Lucey B., Saeed T., Vo X.V. Extreme spillovers across Asian-Pacific currencies: A quantile-based analysis 2020 International Review of Financial Analysis 72 74
Corbet S., Lucey B., Urquhart A., Yarovaya L. Cryptocurrencies as a financial asset: A systematic analysis 2019 International Review of Financial Analysis 62 543

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