Sabina Leonelli - Publications#

Ten top publications from the last five years:

1. Beaulieu, A. and Leonelli, S. (in press, 2021) Data and Society: A Critical Introduction. SAGE.

2. Leonelli, S. (2021) Data Science in Times of Pan(dem)ic. Harvard Data Science Review 3(1) [[ [featured article with seven discussion pieces and author rejoinder].

3. Leonelli, S. and Tempini, N. (eds) (2020) Data Journeys in the Sciences. Springer. Open Access.

4. Ankeny, R.A. and Leonelli, S. (2020) Model Organisms. Elements Series, Cambridge University Press. Open Access.

5. Leonelli, S. (2019) What Distinguishes Data from Models? European Journal for the Philosophy of Science 9:22 (27 pages)

6. Leonelli, S. and Tempini, N. (2018) Where Health and Environment Meet: The Use of Invariant Parameters in Big Data Analysis. Synthese. Special issue “Philosophy of Epidemiology”. DOI: 10.1007/s11229-018-1844-2

7. Leonelli, S. (2018) La Ricerca Scientifica Nell’Era Dei Big Data. Meltemi Editore. (“Scientific Research in the Age of Big Data”). ISBN 9788883539015.
French translation: Leonelli, S. (2019) La Recherche Scientifique à l’Ère des Big Data: Cinq Façons Donc les Données Massive Nuisent à la Science, et Comment la Sauver. Éditions Mimésis. A Portoguese translation is in preparation for distribution in Brazil.

8. Leonelli, S. (2016) Data-Centric Biology: A Philosophical Study. Chicago, IL: Chicago University Press. [Winner of Lakatos prize for outstanding contribution to the philosophy of science]

9. Ankeny, RA and Leonelli, S. (2016) Repertoires: A Post-Kuhnian Perspective on Scientific Change and Collaborative Research. Studies in the History and the Philosophy of Science: Part A 60: 18-28.

10. Leonelli, S. (2016) Locating Ethics in Data Science: Responsibility and Accountability in Global and Distributed Knowledge Production. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Part A. 374: 20160122.

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Additionally to the top publications listed above, Leonelli edited 10 special issues for international journals in philosophy, history and social studies of science, and authored:
  • 60 papers in peer-reviewed, international journals within the fields of philosophy of science, social studies of science, history of science, biology, data science and bioinformatics (and generalist journals such as Nature);
  • 21 chapters in edited books,
  • 7 substantive policy reports, including 1 sole-authored report for the Swiss Research Council, 2 sole-authored reports for the European Commission on OS implementation, and 3 co-authored reports for Global Young Academy and BBSRC.

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