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Major publications

Kuich, W.: On the entropy of context-free languages. Information and Control 16 (1970) 173-200.

Kuich, W., Salomaa, A.: Semirings, Automata, Languages. Springer, 1986.

Kuich, W.: The Kleene and the Parikh Theorem in complete semirings. In ICALP ´87, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 267 (1987) 212-225.

Kuich, W.: Semirings and formal power series: Their relevance to formal languages and automata theory. In G. Rozenberg and A. Salomaa, editors, Handbook of Formal Languages, volume 1, Chapter 9, 609-677, Springer, 1997.

Kuich, W., editor: Automata, Languages, Programming, ICALP 1992. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 623.

Kuich, W., Rozenberg, G., Salomaa, A., editors: Developments in Language Theory, DLT 2001. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 2295.

Esik, Z., Kuich, W.: Modern Automata Theory. Electronic book, dmg.tuwien.ac.at/kuich, 2007.

Bloom, S. L., Esik, Z., Kuich, W.: Partial Conway and iteration semirings. Fundamenta Informaticae 86 (2008) 19-40.

Droste, M., Kuich, W., Vogler, H., editors: Handbook of Weighted Automata, Springer, 2009.

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