Kurt Kremer - Selected Publications#

Researcher-ID: G-5652-2011

Towards high charge-carrier mobilities by rational design of the shape and periphery of discotics
XL Feng, V. Marcon, W. Pisula, MR Hansen, J. Kirkpatrick, F Grozema, D Andrienko, K Kremer, K Muellen, Nature Materials, 8, 421-246 (2009)

Hamiltonian Adaptive Resolution Simulations for Molecular Liquids
R Potestio, S Fritsch, P Espanol, R Delgado-Buscaloni, K Kremer, R Everaers, D Donadio, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 108301 (2013)

From a melt of rings to chromosome territories: the role of topological constraints in genome folding
JD Halverson, J Smrek, K Kremer, AY Grosberg, REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS 77, 022601 (2014)

Polymer collapse in miscible good solvents is a generic phenomenon driven by preferential adsorption
D Mukherji, CM Marques, K Kremer, Nature Comm. 5, 4822 (2014)

Computer Simulations of Soft Matter: Linking the Scales
R Potestio, C Peter, K Kremer, Entropy 16, 4199 - 4245 (2014)

Equilibration of High Molecular Weight Polymer Melts: A Hierarchical Strategy
GJ Zhang, LA Moreira, T Stuehn, KC Daoulas, K Kremer, ACS Macro Letters, 3,198-203 (2014)

Effect of Mesoscale Ordering on the Density of States of Polymeric Semiconductors
P Gemuenden, C Poelking, K Kremer, K Daoulas, K Kremer, D Andrienko, Macrom. Rap. Comm. 36, 1047-1053 (2015)

A multi-resolution model to capture both global fluctuations of an enzyme and molecular recognition in the ligand-binding site
AC Fogarty, R Potestio, K Kremer, Proteins - Structure Function and Bioinformatics, 84, 1902 - 1913 (2016)

Small Activity Differences Drive Phase Separation in Active-Passive Polymer Mixtures
J Smrek, K Kremer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 098002 (2017)

Depleted depletion drives polymer swelling in poor solvent mixtures
D Mukherji, CM Marques, T Stuehn, K Kremer, Nature Comm. , 8, 1374 (2017)

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