Richard Lawrence Hunter - Selected publications#

2014 Hesiodic Voices: Studies in the ancient reception of the Works and Days

2012 Plato and the Traditions of Ancient Literature: the silent stream. Cambridge: CUP

2011 (with D Russell), Plutarch, How to Study Poetry (De audiendis poetis) Cambridge: CUP

2009 Critical Moments in Classical Literature. Studies in the ancient view of literature and its uses Cambridge: CUP

2008 On Coming After. Studies in Post-­Classical Greek Literature and its Reception. Berlin: De Gruyter

2006 The Shadow of Callimachus. Cambridge: CUP

2004 (with M Fantuzzi), Tradition and Innovation in Hellenistic Poetry Cambridge: CUP

2004 Platos Symposium. New York: OUP

2003 Theocritus: Encomium of Ptolemy Philadelphus Berkeley: University of California

1999 Theocritus. A Selection. Cambridge: CUP

1996 Theocritus and the Archaeology of Greek Poetry. Cambridge: CUP

1993 The Argonautica of Apollonius: Literary Studies
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