Julian Downward - Publications#

Google Scholar profile:

H index 124. 300 publications with 71,849total citations (on 17 February 2022)

Past work:

1. J.Downward, Y.Yarden, E.Mayes, G.Scrace, N.Totty, P.Stockwell, A.Ullrich, J.Schlessinger and M.D.Waterfield (1984) Nature 307, 521-527. "Close similarity of epidermal growth factor receptor and v-erb B oncogene protein sequences."

2. L.Buday and J.Downward (1993) Cell 73, 611-620. "Epidermal growth factor regulates p21ras through the formation of a complex of receptor, Grb2 adapter protein and Sos exchange factor."

3. P.H.Warne, P.Rodriguez Viciana and J.Downward (1993) Nature 364, 352-355. "Direct interaction of Ras with the amino-terminal region of Raf-1 in vitro."

4. P.Rodriguez-Viciana, P.H.Warne, R.Dhand, B.Vanhaesebroeck, I.Gout, M.J.Fry, M.D.Waterfield and J.Downward (1994) Nature 370, 527-532. "Phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase as a direct target of Ras."

5. S. Gupta, A.R. Ramjaun, P. Haiko, P.H. Warne, E. Nye, G. Stamp, K. Alitalo and J. Downward (2007) Cell 129, 957-968. “The interaction of Ras with p110α, the catalytic subunit of PI 3-kinase, is required for Ras-driven tumorigenesis and for normal lymphatic development.”

Recent work:

1. M.A. Coelho, S. de Carné Trécesson, S. Rana, D. Zecchin, C. Moore, P. East, B. Spencer-Dene, E. Nye, K. Barnouin, A.P. Snijders, W.S. Lai, P.J. Blackshear, J. Downward (2017) Immunity 47, 1083-1099. “Oncogenic RAS signalling promotes tumour immunoresistance by stabilising PD-L1 mRNA”.

2. M.M. Murillo, S. Rana, B. Spencer-Dene, E. Nye, G. Stamp, J. Downward (2018) Cell Reports 25, 3545-3553. “Disruption of the interaction of RAS with PI 3-kinase induces regression of mutant EGFR-driven lung cancer.”

3. D.A. Lionarons, D.C. Hancock, S. Rana, P. East, C. Moore, M.M. Murillo, J. Carvalho, B. Spencer-Dene, E. Herbert, G. Stamp, D. Damry, D.P. Calado, I. Rosewell, R. Fritsch, R.R. Neubig, M. Molina-Arcas, J. Downward (2019) Cancer Cell 36, 68-83. “RAC1P29S Induces a Mesenchymal Phenotypic Switch via Serum Response Factor to Promote Melanoma Development and Therapy Resistance.”

4. M. Molina-Arcas, C. Moore, S. Rana, F. van Maldegem, E. Mugarza, P. Romero-Clavijo, E. Herbert, S. Horswell, L.S. Li, M.R. Janes, D.C. Hancock, J. Downward (2019) Science Translational Medicine 11, eaaw7999. “Development of combination therapies to maximize the impact of G12C KRAS inhibitors in lung cancer”.

5. F. van Maldegem, K. Valand, M. Cole, H. Patel, M. Angelova, S. Rana, E. Colliver, K. Enfield, N. Bah, V.S.K. Tsang, E. Mugarza, C. Moore, P. Hobson, D. Levi, M. Molina-Arcas, C. Swanton, J. Downward (2021) Nature Communications 12, 5906. “Characterisation of tumour immune microenvironment remodelling following oncogene inhibition in preclinical studies using an optimised imaging mass cytometry workflow”.

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