Marc Delarue - Selected Publications#

1. Hu H, Howard RJ, Bastolla U, Lindahl E, and Delarue M.
Structural basis for allosteric transitions of a multidomain pentameric ligand-gated ion channel.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 117 (24) 13437-13446 (2020). First evidence for a role of supra-molecular interactions in this family.

2. Z Fourati, RR Ruza, D Laverty, E Drège, S Delarue-Cochin, D Joseph, P-J Corringer and M Delarue.
Barbiturates bind in the GLIC ion channel pore and cause inhibition by stabilizing a closed state.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (5), 1550-1558 (2018). Recommended by F1000.

3. Loc'h J, Gerodimos CA, Rosario S, Tekpinar M, Lieber MR, Delarue M.
Structural evidence for an in trans base selection mechanism involving Loop1 in polymerase μ at an NHEJ double-strand break junction. J Biol Chem. 2019 294(27):10579-10595 (recommended by F1000).
See also Structure 2016 24(9):1452-63 (F1000) and Curr. Op. Struct. Biol. 2018 53, 22-31 (recommended by F1000)

4. Sauguet L, Raia P, Henneke G, Delarue M.
Shared active site architecture between archaeal PolD and multi-subunit RNA polymerases revealed by X-ray crystallography.
Nat Commun. 2016 7:12227 (recommended by F1000). First evidence that DNA polD have the fold of universal RNA polymerases.

5. L Sauguet, A Shahsavar, F Poitevin, C Huon, A Menny, À Nemecz, A Haouz, JP Changeux, PJ Corringer, M. Delarue.
Crystal structures of a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel provide a mechanism for activation
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2014 111 (3) 966-71. 177 citations. (F1000 recommendation).
The first pair of structures in active and resting states of the same ligand-gated ion channel.

6. X-ray structures of general anaesthetics bound to a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel
H Nury, C Van Renterghem, Y Weng, A Tran, M Baaden, V Dufresne, J-P Changeux, JM Sonner, M Delarue, P-J Corringer. Nature 469, 428-33 (2011). Recommended by F1000. 401 citations.

7. E Lindahl, C Azuara, P Koehl, M Delarue
NOMAD-Ref: visualization, deformation and refinement of macromolecular structures based on all-atom normal mode analysis
Nucleic acids research 34, W52-W56. (2006). 333 citations. A web-site recommended by textbooks that also implements:
On the use of low-frequency normal modes to enforce collective movements in refining macromolecular structural models, M Delarue, P Dumas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (18), 6957-6962 (2004). 200 citations.

8. P Koehl, M Delarue. Application of a self-consistent mean field theory to predict protein side-chains conformation and estimate their conformational entropy. Journal of molecular biology 239 (2), 249-275 423 (1994). 423 citations.
An extremely rapid algorithm that repacks side-chains on a given backbone, used by many groups in protein design.

9. An attempt to unify the structure of polymerases
M Delarue, O Poch, N Tordo, D Moras, P Argos. Protein Engineering, Design and Selection 3 (6), 461-467 (1990). 776 citations.
Defines the universally accepted catalytic motifs common to Pol A (Klenow-fold), Pol B and reverse transcriptases (RT).
Allowed to model RT from the structure of the Pol I Klenow fragment, at the time when no structure of RT was available.

10. G Eriani, M Delarue, O Poch, J Gangloff, D Moras. Partition of tRNA synthetases into two classes based on mutually exclusive sets of sequence motifs. Nature 347 (6289), 203-206 (1990). 1541 citations.

Defines the two universal classes of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and the catalytic motifs of Class II.

Used in M. Delarue. RNA 2007 13, 161-9, on a possible scenario for the establishment of the genetic code (F1000).

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