Manfred Bietak - Biography#

Prof. Manfred Bietak, Studies in Egyptology and Prehistory at the University of Vienna (PhD 1964, Dr. habil 1975). Participation at many European pre- and protohistoric excavations in Austria, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. Directed since 1964 annually excavations: Sayala/Nubia (1961-65), Tell el- Dab‘a: identification of Auaris, Hyksos capital and of the Thutmosid naval port of Peru-nefer (1966-2011), western Thebes: Tomb of Ankh-Hor (1969-79), Bubastis: MK Palace (2012-14).

Founder/Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute Cairo (1973-2009); Chair-Prof. for Egyptology, University Vienna (1989-2009), Director: Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science (2003-11), Chairman: Commission of Egypt and the Levant, Austrian Academy (1993-2013), Director: Special Research Programme SCIEM 2000 (FWF) at Austrian Academy (1999-2011) and PI of the ERC Advanced Grant “The Hyksos Enigma” (2016-21). Visiting Professor: Collège de France (1997, 2006), Martha Whitcomb visiting Professor at Harvard (2004), Hebrew University (2004-2006), Institute of Advanced Studies Hebrew Univ. (2008/9), Sackler Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies Tel Aviv University (2012/13), Getty Scholar L.A. (2017), Member of the Austrian-, the Royal Swedish-, the British-, the Gothenburg-, dei Lincei– and Polish Academies, Institut de France (AIBL), Institut d’Égypte, Society of Antiquaries, German Archaeological Institute, Honorary Member of Archaeological Institute of America and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Author/co-author of 17 monographs and over 250 articles. Editor in Chief of Journal Egypt and the Levant (vols 1-30) and over 100 monographs. Egyptology, Nubian and Near Eastern Archaeology, Paleogeography.

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