Yves André#

Yves André
Email:yves.andre 'at' imj-prg.fr
Membership Number:4148
Membership type:ORDINARY
Main Country of Residence:FRANCE

Present and Previous Positions
  • 2010 Research Director 1st Class at CNRS (2009) / École Normale Superieure de Paris / Institut de Mathématiques Jussieu
  • Research Director 2nd Class at CNRS (2000) / École Normale Superieure Paris
  • 1997 Fellow of the Jap. Soc. Prom. Science
  • 1990 Fellow of the Humboldt Society
  • 1985 Researcher at CNRS

Fields of Scholarship
  • Unconditional theory of pure motives. Applications to Hodge and Tate classes on abelian varieties.
  • André-Oort conjecture. First unconditional case
  • Arithmetic theory of differential equations and theory of arithmetic Gevrey series. Applications to transcendental number theory
  • Tempered fundamental group in p-adic geometry. Solution of Grothendieck's problem of a geometric description of local Galois groups in the framework of anabelian geometry
  • Proof of Crew's local monodromy conjecture (which together with Berger's theorem solves Fontaine's local monodromy conjecture for p-adic fields)
  • Proof of Malgrange's conjecture on the variation of irregularity of meromorphic differential systems
  • Proof of Dwork's conjecture on logarithmic growth of solutions of p-adic differential equations at the boundary

Honours and Awards
  • 2007 Foreign Member of the Venetian Academy (Instituto Veneto)
  • 2011 Doisteau-Blutet Prize of the French Academy of Sciences
  • President of the Organizing and Scientific Committee of the Bicentennial Galois Conference (Paris 2011)
  • Kempf Lectures (Baltimore 2006), Albert Lectures (Chicago 2009), Ordway Lectures (Minneapolis 2012)

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