Guenter Abel - Curriculum Vitae#

Full-length CV

  • Since 1987: University Professor of Philosophy (Chair) at the Technische Universitaet Berlin (TUB) / Berlin Institute of Technology (BIT).
  • Since 2008: Director of the international "Innovationszentrum Wissensforschung (IZW) / Berlin Center for Knowledge Research" (www.
  • 2011: Visiting Professor at the ETH Zurich / "Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich". Since 2011: Affiliated member of the ETH Zurich. since 2013: associate Fellow of the "Collegium Helveticum" of the ETH Zurich.
  • Since 2010: Permanent member of the "Institut Internationale de Philosophie (IIP) / International Institute of Philosophy".
  • 2000: Visiting Professor at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • In the context of the IZW / Berlin Center and in connection with further research projects: various cooperations with partners from institutions in Europe and the US (in particular from: ETH Zurich / Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich; Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Madrid (Instituto de Filosofía) Madrid; University of Rome (Tor Vergata); University Sorbonne Paris IV; University of Venice (Dept. Philosophy); University of Chicago (Dept. of Philosophy); Harvard University (Graduate School of Education)).
  • Representative of the Technische Universitaet Berlin (TUB) / Berlin Institute of Technology (BIT) in the Cultural Competencies Network "EUniCult" of 15 European Universities from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, France, Austria and Switzerland with focus on the European Space of Knowledge and Education.
  • Various research stays at different European or international universities (among others at: Harvard, Paris, Rome, ETH Zurich, Sao Paolo, Venice, Santiago de Chile).
  • Supporting scholarship: During the last 4 years: host of 12 Alexander-von-Humboldt research grant scholars, and during the last 2 years host of 10 doctoral and/or post-doc grants for young researchers from foreign countries, mostly European countries. Supervisor of a significant number of PhD- and Habilitation-theses.
  • 1982-87: Research Fellow in the "Heisenberg"-Program of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) / German National Research Foundation".
  • 1981: Habilitation ( = postdoctoral thesis required for qualification of a professor) in Philosophy.
  • 1976: PhD-Thesis (Grade: "summa cum laude").
  • 1974: Staatsexamen ( = university degree required for the teaching profession in a secondary school providing the university entrance qualification).
  • BA-, MA- and PhD-Studies sponsored by grants of the "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes / German National Foundation for high-qualified Students".
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