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Report on the 24th Annual conference: “Northern Seas - the European Dimension”

A conference organized with the support from the University of Bergen and the Research Council of Norway, Sept. 11-13, Bergen, Norway

Academia Europaea Committee Meetings : See Short Report on Meetings

Academia Europaea Section Workshops (Sept. 10 and 11) :

  • Physics and Engineering Section Workshop : Heavy Ions in Science and Health; Chair: Laszlo Csernai;
  • Physics and Engineering Section Committee Meeting and Physics and Engineering Section Business Meeting: Chair: Laszlo Csernai
  • Behavioural Sciences Workshop: Evidence base of psychosocial/behavioural interventions; Chair: Johannes Siegrist

  • Informatics Section Workshop: New Frontiers in Informatics (NEFI); Chairs: Paul Spirakis (Patras University and CTI) ; Johannes Bergstra (Amsterdam University) ; See Report on NEFI
  • Joint workshop for the sections for Literary and Theatrical Studies, Musicology and the History of Art and Architecture, History, and Philosophy: Maritime Cultures and Imaginations; Chair: Svend Erik Larsen (Aarhus University),
  • Classics and Oriental Studies; Section Meeting followed by Lectures: Chair: Harm Pinkster (University of Amsterdam, emeritus); Lectures: Egil Kraggerud (University of Oslo, emeritus): Ibsen and Sallust; Irene J.F. de Jong (University of Amsterdam): After Auerbach: Ancient Greek literature as test case of European literary historiography

Tuesday 11 September: Opening of ConferenceSee Report on Opening of Conference

Reception hosted by the County of Bergen in HaakonshallenSee Bergen and Social Events Report


Wednesday, September 12

Session 1 - THE SAGAS AND THE LITERARY TRADITIONS; Chair: Else Mundal(info)

  • William Ian Miller(info) Acad_Main/Past_and_Future_Activities/Report on the annual Conference in Bergen/The conference/Miller] (University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor): Feeling another’s pain: sympathy and psychology saga-style
  • Slavica Rankovic(info) (Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bergen): Immanent Seas, Scribal Havens: Evolutionary Aesthetics of the Sagas of Icelanders

Session 2 - TRADE & SHIPPING TRADITIONS; Chair: Sverre Bagge(info)

  • Dagfinn Skre(info) (University of Oslo): Norðvegr - Norway: from sailing route to kingdom
  • Carsten Jahnke(info) (University of Copenhagen): The sea: challenge and stimulus in the Middle Age
  • Pieter Emmer(info) (University of Leiden): The organisation of global trade: the monopoly companies, 1600-1800
  • Stig Tenold(info) (Norwegian School of Economics) & Camilla Brautaset(info) (University of Bergen): From sailing northern seas to world wide shipping


  • John Bergsagel(info) (University of Copenhagen): "The Kingdom of Norway begins at the 58th degree of latitude and ends with the North Cape at 71° 10° North…" (review of Ole Bull’s debut concert in Paris, 1835) and Harald Herresthal(info) (Norwegian Academy of Music): "Norway is tuned in A minor" - the search for a national music

Session 4 - THE WELFARE STATE; Chair: Agnar Sandmo(info)

  • Karl Ove Moene(info) (Department of Economics, University of Oslo): A future for egalitarianism? Lessons from the Scandinavian experience
  • Torben Andersen(info) (University of Århus): Ageing, health and pensions in Europe

Session 5 - ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL CRISIS; Chair: Jan I. Haaland(info)

  • Victor Norman (Norwegian School of Economics): The nature of the European crisis
  • Paul De Grauwe(info) (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) : Managing the fragility of the Eurozone

CONCERT AT TROLDHAUGEN (Grieg’s home) Violinist Henning Kraggerud (Barrat-Due Music Institute) and pianist Håvard Gimse (Norwegian Academy of Music) play the music of Ole Bull and Edvard Grieg.

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