Thursday 13 September#

Session 6 - LIVING RESOURCES; Chair: Anne Gro Vea Salvanes(info)

  • Nils Christian Stenseth(info) (Department of Biology, University of Oslo): Adapting to climate change: ecological dynamics, evolutionary changes and management adaptations
  • Mikko Heino(info) (Department of Biology, University of Bergen/Institute of Marine Research): Fishing as an evolutionary driving force: can we design fish populations?

Session 7 - ENERGY RESOURCES; Chair: Jan Sigurd Vaagen(info)

  • Bent Sørensen(info) (Roskilde University, Denmark); History of energy – impact of technological innovation
  • Sven Kullander(info) (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and EASAC): Energy-resources and waste in a northern seas perspective

Session 8 - CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT; Chair: Eystein Jansen(info)

  • Christoph Heinze(info) (Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen/Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research) : The role of the ocean carbon cycle in climate change
  • Helga Kleiven(info) (Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen): What may cause the “Gulf Stream” to fail?
  • Frode Vikebø(info) (Institute of Marine Research): Ocean circulation & fish recruitment – is there a risk of collapse if currents change?

Session 9 - ICE COVER AND CHALLENGES; Chair: Olav Eldholm(info)

  • Jørn Thiede(info) (Alfred Wegner Institute, Bremerhafen): Marine research in the central Arctic: a multitude of challenges
  • Bjørn Basberg(info) (Norwegian School of Economics): The economic history of the Antarctic

Session 10 - POLITICAL ASPECTS OF THE NORTH; Chair: Lars Walløe(info)

  • Jonas Gahr Støre(info) (Minister of Foreign affairs, Norway): Managing the High North
  • Arve Johnsen(info) (First President and CEO of Statoil 1972-88) : The Norwegian petroleum story - policies, technologies, results and perspectives
  • Rolf Einar Fife (Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway): A law of the seas applied to high latitude regions
  • Ragnar Axelsson (Iceland): The face of the north – Are we witnessing the last days of the Arctic? (A video show)

Closing Remarks: Lars Walløe, President of Academia Europaea

Conference dinner at Bergen Maritime Museum: See Bergen and Social Events Report

Sven Kulander
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Stohr
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Stohr
Walloe, Stohr
AE President and Foreign Minister
Arve Johnson
Arve Johnson
Ronald Einar Fife
Ronald Einar Fife

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