!Thursday 13 September

__Session 6 - LIVING RESOURCES__; Chair: [Anne Gro Vea Salvanes|Salvanes b-f.pdf]

* [Nils Christian Stenseth|Stenseth ab-f.pdf] (Department of Biology, University of Oslo): Adapting to climate change: ecological dynamics, evolutionary changes and management adaptations 

* [Mikko Heino|Heino ab-f.pdf] (Department of Biology, University of Bergen/Institute of Marine Research): Fishing as an evolutionary driving force: can we design fish populations? \\

__Session 7 - ENERGY RESOURCES__; Chair: [Jan Sigurd Vaagen|Vaagen b-f.pdf]

* [Bent Sørensen|Sorensen ab-f.pdf] (Roskilde University, Denmark); History of energy – impact of technological innovation
* [Sven Kullander|Kullander ab-f.pdf] (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and EASAC): Energy-resources and waste in a northern seas perspective\\

__Session 8 - CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT__; Chair: [Eystein Jansen|Jansen b-f.pdf]

* [Christoph Heinze|Heinze ab-f.pdf] (Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen/Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research) : The role of the ocean carbon cycle in climate change
* [Helga Kleiven|Kleiven ab-f.pdf] (Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen): What may cause the “Gulf Stream” to fail?
* [Frode Vikebø|Vikebo ab-f.pdf] (Institute of Marine Research): Ocean circulation & fish recruitment – is there a risk of collapse if currents change?\\

__Session 9 - ICE COVER AND CHALLENGES__; Chair: [Olav Eldholm|Eldholm b-f.pdf]

* [Jørn Thiede|Thiede ab-f.pdf] (Alfred Wegner Institute, Bremerhafen): Marine research in the central Arctic: a multitude of challenges
* [Bjørn Basberg|Basberg ab-f.pdf] (Norwegian School of Economics): The economic history of the Antarctic\\

__Session 10 - POLITICAL ASPECTS OF THE NORTH__; Chair: [Lars Walløe|Walloe b.pdf]

* [Jonas Gahr Støre|Store b-f.pdf] (Minister of Foreign affairs, Norway): Managing the High North
* [Arve Johnsen|Johnsen ab.pdf] (First President and CEO of Statoil 1972-88) : The Norwegian petroleum story - policies, technologies, results and perspectives
* Rolf Einar Fife (Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway): A law of the seas applied to high latitude regions
* Ragnar Axelsson (Iceland): The face of the north – Are we witnessing the last days of the Arctic? (A video show) \\ \\

__Closing Remarks__: Lars Walløe, President of Academia Europaea\\

__Conference dinner at Bergen Maritime Museum__: [See Bergen and Social Events Report|Acad_Main/Plenary_Conferences/Bergen_2012/Report/Social_events] \\


[{Image src='P1030791.JPG' caption='Sven Kulander' height='200' class='image_block' alt='Kulander'}]
[{Image src='P1030804.JPG' caption='Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Stohr' height='200' class='image_block' alt='Minister of Foreign Affairs'}]
[{Image src='P1030807.JPG' caption='Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Stohr' height='200' class='image_block'  alt='Minister of Foreign Affairs'}]
[{Image src='P1030811.JPG' caption='AE President and Foreign Minister' height='200' class='image_block' alt='Walloe, Stohr'}]
[{Image src='P1030813.JPG' caption='Arve Johnson'height='200' class='image_block' alt='Arve Johnson'}]
[{Image src='P1030816.JPG' caption='Ronald Einar Fife' height='200' class='image_block' alt='Ronald Einar Fife'}]


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