Solidarity with refugee researchers of Ukraine#

European Commission’s Director-General for Research and Innovation, Jean-Eric Paquet asks for support to researchers from Ukraine.

In his letter the Director-General kindly asks to give special consideration to researchers from Ukraine as vacancies are published and filled up in the context of your EU-funded projects.

Such opportunities can soon be notified in any ongoing projects via the Funding & Tenders Portal (‘My Projects’ menu).

Technical details for announcing opportunities in project #

Please understand ‘opportunity’ in a wide sense. It does not have to be a formal job offer. It could also be a traineeship or internship, the participation in seminars and project meetings or any other involvement that helps displaced researchers or other experts from Ukraine staying in contact with their professional activity.

1) Go to the Funding & Tenders Portal, log in (top right) with your EULogin account as Participant Contact or Coordinator Contact

2) Click on ‘My Projects’ (in the left hand menu bar)

3) For the concerned project, click on ‘ Actions’, then ‘Notify UA opportunity’

4) A web form opens. Complete and submit it. You can also save the form and get back to it later for finalisation and submission (in this case follow the same steps as under 1)-3)).

5) Immediately after submission, the description of the opportunity will be published here. Persons interested in your opportunity can contact you via the ‘ Contact’ button. Your identity and personal data will not be disclosed.

More detailed technical guidance.

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