SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies)#

Europe’s academies are playing a vital role in global efforts to understand and tackle the challenge posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. Academies are home to world-leading expertise on infectious diseases — including not only medical and epidemiological facts, but also on social and economic effects, and how people and populations respond.

Join the fight#

Our partners and colleagues are seeking help from researchers and members of the public:

  • If you have an academic background (PhD candidate or higher): sign up as a rapid reviewer for the UK’s Royal Society registered reports.
  • If you can report on national policy decisions: volunteer as a rapporteur for the International Network for Government Science Advisors.
  • If you use a computer: download Folding@home to harness your computer power in the fight against COVID-19.

Visit the SAPEA website for more information:

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