Insignificant is a popularization project of 3D animation movie about the place of humanity in the universe and the environment. The film presents science through a series of beautiful images and seeks to raise awareness of today’s ecological problems by considering fhe place of humans in the universe and our relationship with nature.

The project is supported by several major partners, including Academia Europaea, the University of Paris Saclay and the CNRS. Franck Courchamp, a member of the Organismic and evolutionary biology section, is one of the initiators of the project.

The movie will use state of the art 3D animation techniques for 9 chapters of 3 min each and will exist in four languages (English, French, Spanish and German), plus many others as subtitles and will span from the universe to biodiversity and to human genetics. The film is comprised of nine episodes on different themes, each three minutes long, and will launch in spring 2017.

Franck and his team have set up a crowdfunding page to seek support for the project.

More information:

Synopsis: #

Human existence seems derisory compared to the surrounding wonders. In this short animation, science questions the place of humans in this infinity-sized theater. Through nine views, Insignificant looks at the humanity under magnifying glasses and puts the spectator in a world where man has never been the centre.

Our goal: #

We aim to spark the interest of the youngest to science, and make the elder rediscover the world around them through an original creation, mixing science and art in esthetic way.

We aim to raise awareness for ecological problems by questioning the place of the Human in universe and nature. Moreover, we want to awe the public with amazing facts of life, as well as beautiful images.

Watch the trailer:#
pw: teaserEN


Franck Courchamp
CNRS researcher in the Ecology, Systematics and Evolution (ESE) laboratory

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