Cardiff Knowledge Hub Newsletter#

Autumn 2016#

Ole Petersen
Professor Ole Petersen, Honorary Academic Director, Cardiff Knowledge Hub and Vice-President, Academia Europaea
Our last newsletter reported on the success of the Academia Europaea Annual Conference, hosted by the Cardiff Hub in June. Over the summer and into the autumn, we’ve made further strides forward, publishing our Strategic Plan, redesigning our website and making a positive start to the SAPEA project, which will contribute to the new European Scientific Advice Mechanism. I’m also delighted that we’ve run three events that have attracted significant interest, as we report in this newsletter.

Strategic Plan 2016-20#

The Cardiff Hub’s first Strategic Plan has been published. It sets out our priorities for the initial four years of the Hub’s operation, 2016 to 2020.

In it, our mission is clear. We will connect research and scholarship with policymaking in Europe, promote outstanding research and offer an exciting programme of events, as well as engaging with our membership, political and research institutions and the wider public. Download the Cardiff Knowledge Hub Strategic Plan(info).

INGSA Conference 2016 in Brussels

Update on the European Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM)#

In September, the European Commission hosted the second INGSA (International Network for Government Science Advice) Conference, attended by the Hub Manager, Louise Edwards, and AE President, Sierd Cloetingh. Read Louise’s report of the Conference.


The SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) Project formally started on 1st November. A major supporting project to the new Scientific Advice Mechanism of the European Commission, the Cardiff Hub will undertake a significant part of the work on behalf of Academia Europaea. The first joint meeting of the SAPEA Board, the High-Level Group of Experts and the European Commission’s SAM Unit took place in Brussels on 24th November, with Professor Ole Petersen representing Academia Europaea.

We’ll be publishing regular updates on the progress of the project on our website.

New Hub website launched#

The Hub has relaunched its website, with a fresh look and new features. The news and events listings continue but we are also publishing post-event reports and photos, as well as special features like interviews with MAEs, updates on developments in science and policy, and other topical issues. Do take a look and give us feedback.

Our panelists at the debate on The Future of UK Research and Scholarship

Recent Events#

On 11th November, the Cardiff Hub hosted two events, both at the new CUBRIC (Cardiff University Brain Imaging Centre) Building in Cardiff.

Our panel session on The Future of UK Research and Scholarship attracted a lot of interest. Following the UK referendum result, many questions have been raised around the future of UK research and scholarship in a post-Brexit world. The context was set through an opening talk by Professor Richard Catlow, incoming Foreign Secretary at the Royal Society. Our panelists and the audience then explored ideas about how best to pursue European and other international collaborations. Read the report.

Sir John Skehel
Sir John Skehel
Sir John Skehel, Vice-President and Biological Secretary of the Royal Society, delivered a lecture on behalf of the Cardiff Hub. Sir John has provided major insights into the molecular basis of how viruses recognise and infect their host cells. He focusses on the virus that causes influenza, of which there are 3–5 million cases a year worldwide, resulting in up to 500,000 deaths. Read the report.

Alexei Tepikin
Alexei Tepikin, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at the University of Liverpool, delivered a special seminar on 14th November. Read the report.

Download the Newsletter(info).

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