2020 Millennium Technology Prize

2020 Millennium Technology Prize: Call for Nominations, 1 April – 31 July 2019#

On behalf of Technology Academy Finland TAF, we have the honour of inviting Your organization to nominate candidates for the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize. The Millennium Technology Prize is one million euros, and awarded every two years by TAF to an individual or to a team of any nationality. The State of Finland, academic institutions and high-tech industries established the Prize in 2004 as Finland’s tribute to innovations for a better life. The Patron of the Prize is the President of the Republic of Finland. The 2020 Millennium Technology Prize will be awarded on 26 May 2020.

The Millennium Technology Prize highlights the impact of science and innovations on the well-being of mankind and society. The Prize is awarded for groundbreaking technological innovations that benefit millions of people around the world. Until today, three innovators – Frances Arnold, Shinya Yamanaka and Shuji Nakamura – have first been awarded the Millennium Technology Prize and later the Nobel Prize. This indicates the significance of frontier research for creating innovations that greatly improve peoples’ lives. We are proud to present all Millennium Technology Prize Winners at https://taf.fi/millennium-technology-prize/winners.

The Call for the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize Nominations is open from 1 April to 31 July 2019 at http://www.millenniumprize.fi/cfn. We invite nominations from organizations around the world and from all fields of technology, excluding military technology. Special emphasis is placed on proposals related to:

  • energy and the environment
  • life sciences, including health and food
  • information and communications technology and smart systems
  • new materials, processes and manufacturing

For further information on the Millennium Technology Prize and the nomination process, please see the attached files and visit http://www.millenniumprize.fi/cfn. In case You have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact CEO Ari Ahonen (ari.ahonen@taf.fi) or COO Eeva Sievi (eeva.sievi@taf.fi) at Technology Academy Finland.

We are looking forward to receiving Your nominations for the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize candidates!

Marja Makarow
Chair of Technology Academy Finland TAF

Ari Ahonen
CEO of Technology Academy Finland TAF

Nomination Brochure for the 2020 MTP(info)#

Introduction to the Millennium Technology Prize(info)#

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