Call for nomination of experts: 'Towards sustainable food consumption in the EU’#

Dear Members of Academia Europaea,#

As part of the SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) consortium, we are pleased to issue a call for the nomination of experts to take part in a new SAPEA Working Group on ‘Sustainable Food Consumption’. The deadline for nominations is 2 September 2022.

What will the Working Group do? #

The SAPEA Working Group will draft an Evidence Review Report on sustainable food consumption in the EU. This Report will then inform a Scientific Opinion of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors (GCSA). The main question to be addressed is: What tools could be used at EU level, in addition to those mentioned in the 2020 Farm to Fork Strategy, to overcome the barriers preventing consumers to adopt sustainable and healthy diets, fostering the necessary change towards sustainability in the food environment?

Why this topic?#

The Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth and the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety have asked the GCSA to deliver their advice on the topic of Sustainable Food Consumption by the second quarter of 2023, as it will feed into the revision of the Farm to Fork strategy from the middle of 2023 onwards.

Who can be nominated?#

You can nominate experts who may or may not be Members of Academia Europaea (MAE). The request for advice focuses on consumer-behavioural aspects. However, due to the complex architecture of the food environment, a systemic, multi-level approach will also be required, with a consideration of interrelated economic, social, environmental and cultural factors.

How to make a nomination#

For further details, please read the Call for Nominations document, which includes important information about the areas of expertise required, criteria for selection, and expected workload and timelines for the Working Group.

Nomination of experts for the Working Group should be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae, together with a short statement on how the nominee’s experience meets the areas of expertise identified in the Call for Nominations document.

Please send nominations or any queries you may have to AE Cardiff Hub Manager Louise Edwards ( before the deadline of 2 September 2022.

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