Academia Europaea 29th Annual Conference 2017 - Call for presentations on behalf of the section History and Archaelogy by Nikita Harwich, the chair of the section#

As you know, on this year 2017, the Academia Europaea (AE) and the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA) will hold their joint annual conference in collaboration with the Young Academy of Europe (YAE) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) in Budapest, from September 3rd until September 9th. You will see, from the contents of the document below, that our Section has arranged with the Budapest conference organizers to schedule a workshop on Sunday, September 3rd, from 14:00 until 17:00 on the topic “How can History and Archaeology be handmaidens in defining a national or regional (in this case European) Identity?”– pursuing a discussion initiated during last year’s workshop in Wroçlaw – which will be followed by a dinner at the celebrated Café Gerbeaud.

We wish therefore to invite all those among you who might be interested in participating in the Conference and Workshop :
  • Either – preferably – to prepare a short intervention (between 10 and 15 minutes) which would introduce further commentaries and discussion. An appropriate panel would, eventually, be organized;
  • Or to prepare a list of questions which would initially be dealt with by a previously convened panel as an introduction to further discussion by the floor.

Apart from the pleasure of meeting colleagues and friends, the purpose of this workshop is to consider strengthening the links between the two component disciplines of our Section, namely History and Archaeology, particularly in view of the present uncertainties that loom over a future for which the teachings of the past may very well be – intentionally of not – ignored; while also consolidating our disciplinary voice within the Academia Europaea.

Given the need to comply with the rather stringent organization schedule of our Hungarian colleagues, your answers to this call should reach me by March 15th 2017.

With kindest regards,

Nikita Harwich
Nikita Harwich
Section Chair (2017-2019)

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(Part of) the preliminary programme#

Section Workshops / Satellites, proposed until now:

Sunday, 3 September

AE History & Archaeology Section Workshop

“How can History and Archaeology be handmaidens in defining a national or regional (in this case European) Identity?”


First part of the workshop : 14h00 – 15h00
Convenor and chair: Nikita Harwich

1) Csanád Bálint (Hungary), «Nationalism and panhistorical perspective in Early Middle Age archaeology»

2) Rab Houston (United Kingdom), «Material culture and social practice: archaeology and history in understanding Europe’s ‘Celtic fringe’ »

3) Robert von Friedeburg (Germany) « The idea of State in Latin Europe as preserving the rule of law».

Discussion : 15h -15h20

Coffee break: 15h20 – 15h40

Second part of the workshop : 15h40 – 16h40

4) Olga Katsiardi-Hering (Greece) «The role of the archaeology in forming the Greek National identity and its embodiment in the European identity».

5) Rosa María Martínez de Codes (Spain) «The shifting religious identity of Christians in Europe»

6) Sverre Håkon Bagge (Norway) Topic title to be confirmed

Discussion : 16h40 – 17h00

16:00-18:00 AE Literary and Theatrical Section (A1-4): “Story-telling and Resilience: The Function of Literature in the Overcoming of Trauma”
Convenor and chair: Susana Onega

??-??: AE Literary and Theatrical Section (A1-4):
“Sacrificial Narratives”
Convenor and chair: Vladimir Biti

??-??: AE Film, Media and Visual Studies (FMVS) Section (A1-7):
TBD Convenor and chair: Kirsten Drotner, AE Class A1-7

??-??: TBD
Organised and chaired by Iván Zoltán Dénes AE/HAS

??-??: AE Social Sciences Class (A2):
“Migration and Societal Resilience”
Convenor and chair: Anne ButtimerCall_for_presentations_history_archaeology_Budapest_2017_short.pdf(info)
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