Professor Michael Udvardi awarded Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award for Advanced Research 2023#

Professor Michael Udvardi receives the Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award for Advanced Research 2023 in recognition of the tremendous impact of his research on plant-microbe interactions and plant science and his generous service to the scientific community.

The award will be presented on 10 October 2023 at the annual conference of the Academia Europaea in Munich.

Michael Udvardi

About Michael Udvardi#

Professor Michael Udvardi earned his PhD in plant biochemistry in 1989 at the ANU in Canberra studying nutrient transport between legumes and rhizobia, which underpins symbiotic nitrogen fixation and sustainable agriculture. After postdocs at Washington State University in the USA and at CSIRO Plant Industry in Canberra, he worked as Lecture then Senior Lecturer at the ANU from 1994-1998 before taking an Associate Professor position at the Max Plank Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Germany.

Between 2006 and 2021, he worked as Professor then Director of Plant Biology at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and finally as Chief Scientific Officer of the Noble Research Institute in the USA. Throughout his research career he has focused on understanding symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes, using biochemical, molecular, genetic and genomic approaches in model, crop and forage legumes. He has also worked on associative nitrogen fixation, nitrogen transport, regulation of senescence, and abiotic stress tolerance in plants.

Professor Udvardi was attracted to QAAFI because of its integrated approach to crop improvement and looks forward to adding his expertise in legume functional genomics to that of QAAFI and UQ colleagues in the areas of plant physiology, agronomy, modeling, and other disciplines, to develop nutrient-efficient, climate-resilient legumes for sustainable agriculture in the sub-tropics.

About the Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award

About the Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award #

The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award recognizes landmark research in symbiosis and related fields that has changed our understanding and made a significant scientific impact.

The awards are given in two categories:

  • The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award for Early-Career Investigators” recognizes young scholars making an outstanding scientific contribution in the field of nitrogen fixation, plant biology and microbiology related to symbiosis.
  • The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award for Advanced Research” recognizes revolutionary discoveries in symbiosis and related fields.

The awards consist of a diploma/medal and prize money. This prize was established in recognition of the significant achievements made in the field of plant and microbe interactions and symbiotic nitrogen fixation by the late Professor Adam Kondorosi.
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