Nobel Laureates of the Academia Europaea#

Rudolf Mössbauer1961Physics
James Watson1962Physiology or Medicine
Andrew Huxley1963Physiology or Medicine
Charles Townes1964Physics
François Jacob1965Physiology or Medicine
Manfred Eigen1967Chemistry
Christian de Duve1974Physiology or Medicine
Antony Hewish1974Physics
John Cornforth1975Chemistry
David Baltimore1975Physiology or Medicine
Werner Arber1978Physiology or Medicine
Jean Dausset1980Physiology or Medicine
Roald Hoffmann1981Chemistry
Kai M. Siegbahn1981Physics
David H. Hubel1981Physiology or Medicine
Torsten Wiesel1981Physiology or Medicine
Bengt Samuelsson1982Physiology or Medicine
Aaron Klug1982Chemistry
Carlo Rubbia1984Physics
Simon van der Meer1984Physics
Rita Levi-Montalcini1986Physiology or Medicine
Heinrich Rohrer1986Physics
Jean-Marie Lehn1987Chemistry
Sir James Black1988Physiology or Medicine
Jack Steinberger1988Physics
Johann Deisenhofer1988Chemistry
Robert Huber1988Chemistry
Hartmut Michel1988Chemistry
J. Michael Bishop1989Physiology or Medicine
Thomas R. Cech1989Chemistry
Jerome Friedman1990Physics
Richard Ernst1991Chemistry
Bert Sakmann1991Physiology or Medicine
Erwin Neher1991Physiology or Medicine
Reinhard Selten1994The Sveriges Riksbank Prize
in Economic Sciences
in Memory of Alfred Nobel
Seamus Heaney1995Literature
Paul Crutzen1995Chemistry
Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard1996Physiology or Medicine
Harold Kroto1996Chemistry
James Mirrlees1997The Sveriges Riksbank Prize
in Economic Sciences
in Memory of Alfred Nobel

John Walker1997Chemistry
Jens Christian Skou1997Chemistry
Rolf Zinkernagel1997Physiology or Medicine
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji1998Physics
Günter Blobel1999Physiology or Medicine
Arvid Carlsson2000Physiology or Medicine
Paul Nurse2001Physiology or Medicine
Tim Hunt2001Physiology or Medicine
Kurt Wüthrich2002Chemistry
John Sulston2002Physiology or Medicine
Sydney Brenner2002Physiology or Medicine
Vitaly L. Ginzburg2003Physics
Aaron J. Ciechanover2004Chemistry
Robert Aumann2005The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic
Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
Roy J. Glauber2005Physics
Theodor W. Hänsch2005Physics
Roger D. Kornberg2006Chemistry
Martin Evans2007Physiology or Medicine
Gerhard Ertl2007Chemistry
Albert Fert2007Physics
Wilfried Thuiller2007Shared winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Richard Tol2007Shared winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Harald zur Hausen2008Physiology or Medicine
Luc Montagnier2008Physiology or Medicine
Konstantin Novoselov2010Physics
Robert G. Edwards2010Physiology or Medicine
Christopher A. Pissarides2010The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic
Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
Dan Shechtman2011Chemistry
John B. Gurdon2012Physiology or Medicine
James Rothman2013Physiology or Medicine
May-Britt Moser2014Physiology or Medicine
Edvard Moser2014Physiology or Medicine
Tomas Lindahl2015Chemistry
Ben Feringa2016Chemistry
Jean-Pierre Sauvage2016Chemistry
Roger Penrose2020Physics
Reinhard Genzel2020Physics
Klaus Hasselmann2021Physics
Syukuro Manabe2021Physics
Giorgio Parisi2021Physics

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