Marco H.D. van Leeuwen - Selected publications#

1997 M.H.D. van Leeuwen, “Trade Unions and the Provision of Welfare in The Netherlands 1910-1960”, Economic History Review, 764-791.

2000 M.H.D. van Leeuwen, Logic of Charity: Amsterdam, 1800-1850. Macmillan.

2002 M.H.D. van Leeuwen, I. Maas, and A. Miles, HISCO: Historical International Standard Classification of Occupations. Leuven University Press.

2002 M.H.D. van Leeuwen and I. Maas, “Partner choice and homogamy in the nineteenth century: Was there a sexual revolution in Europe?”, Journal of Social History, 101-121.

2004 D. Mitch, J. Brown, and M.H.D. van Leeuwen eds., Origins of the Modern Career. Ashgate Publishers.

2005 M.H.D. van Leeuwen, I. Maas, and A. Miles eds, Marriage Choices and Class Boundaries: Endogamy and Social Class in History. Cambridge University Press.

2011 M.H.D. van Leeuwen and I. Maas, HISCLASS: A Historical Social Class Scheme. Leuven University Press

2011 C. Lesger and M.H.D. van Leeuwen, “Residential Segregation from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century: Evidence from the Netherlands”, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 42.3, 333-369.

2012 M.H.D. van Leeuwen, “Giving in Early Modern History: Philanthropy in Amsterdam’s Golden Age”, Continuity and Change. 27, 301-343.

2012 M.H.D. van Leeuwen, “Guilds and middle-class welfare 1550-1800: provisions for burial, sickness, old age, and widowhood”, Economic History Review, 65.1, 61-90.

2013 M.H.D. van Leeuwen and P. Wiepking, “National campaigns for charitable causes: a literature review”, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (NVSQ) 42, 219-240.
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