Bas van Bavel - Selected Publications#

Bas van Bavel, 'Open societies before market economies - Historical analysis', Socio-Economic Review 2019, 21 pp.

Bas van Bavel, Daniel Curtis & Tim Soens, 'Economic inequality and institutional adaptation in response to flood hazards - A historical analysis', Ecology and Society 23 (2018) 4.

Bas van Bavel, Erik Ansink & Bram van Besouw, 'Understanding the economics of limited access orders: incentives, organizations and the chronology of developments', Journal of Insitutional Economics 13 (2017) 1, pp. 109-131.

Bas van Bavel & Daniel Curtis, ‘Better understanding disasters by better using history: Systematically using the historical record as one way to advance research into disasters’, International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 34 (2016) 32 pp. [methodological paper]

Bas van Bavel, The Invisible Hand? How Market Economies have Emerged and Declined since ad 500 (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016) 317 pp. [monograph]

Bas van Bavel & Auke Rijpma, ‘How important were formalized charity and social spending before the rise of the welfare state? A long-run analysis of selected Western European cases, 1400-1850’, Economic History Review 69 (Wiley, 2016) pp.159-187. [research paper]

Bas van Bavel, ‘History as a laboratory to better understand the formation of institutions’, Journal of Institutional Economics 11, (Cambridge University Press, 2015) pp. 69-91. [review article]

Bas van Bavel, ‘New perspectives on markets and ancient Middle Eastern economies: a survey’, Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 57 (Brill, 2014) pp. 145-172. [review article]

Bas van Bavel & Erik Thoen (eds.), Rural Societies and Environments at Risk. Ecology, Property Rights and Social Organisation in Fragile Areas (Middle Ages – Twentieth Century). Rural History in Europe 9 (Brepols: Turnhout, 2013) 321 pp. [edited volume, with introduction]

Bas van Bavel, Jessica Dijkman, Erika Kuijpers & Jaco Zuijderduijn, 'The organisation of markets as a key factor in the rise of Holland from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century: a test case for an institutional approach’, Continuity & Change 27.3 (Cambridge University Press, 2012) pp. 1-32. [research paper]

Bas van Bavel, ‘Markets for land, labor, and capital in Northern Italy and the Low Countries, twelfth to seventeenth centuries’, Journal of Interdisciplinary History 41.4 (MIT Press, 2011) pp. 503-531. [research paper]

Bas van Bavel, Manors and Markets. Economy and Society in the Low Countries, 500-1600 (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010) monograph 492 pp. [monograph]

Bas van Bavel & Oscar Gelderblom, ‘The economic origins of cleanliness in the Dutch Golden Age’, Past & Present 205 (Oxford University Press, 2009) pp. 41-69. [research paper]

A full list of all publications, including chapters in books or conference volumes and articles in non-ISI journals, reviews, and contributions to newspapers and non-academic journals, can be found here: (under Publications)

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