Karin de Visser - Selected Publications#

1.Kersten K, Coffelt SB, Hoogstraat M, Verstegen NJM, Vrijland K, Ciampricotti M, Doornebal CW, Hau C-S, Doshi P, Lips EH, Wessels LFA, de Visser KE. Mammary tumor-derived CCL2 enhances pro-metastatic systemic inflammation through upregulation of IL1β in tumor-associated macrophages. OncoImmunology, advance on-line (2017) DOI 10.1080/2162402X.2017.1334744

2. Kersten K, de Visser KE, van Miltenburg MH, Jonkers J. Genetically engineered mouse models in oncology research and cancer medicine. EMBO Mol Med. 9(2):137-153 (2017). IF: 9.5

3. Coffelt SB, Wellenstein MD, de Visser KE. Neutrophils in cancer: neutral no more. Nature Reviews Cancer. 16(7):431-46. (2016). IF: 34.2 . Cited 43x

4. Tüting T & de Visser KE. How neutrophils promote metastasis. Science 352: 145-146 (2016). IF: 34.7. Cited 4x

5. Kersten K, Salvagno C, de Visser KE. Exploiting the immunomodulatory properties of chemotherapeutic drugs to improve the success of cancer immunotherapy. Frontiers in Immunology, Oct 7;6:516 (2015). IF: 5.7. Cited 10x

6. Coffelt SB, de Visser KE. Immune-mediated mechanisms influencing the efficacy of anti-cancer therapies. Trends in Immunology 36 :198-2016 (2015). (Featured review & cover design). IF: 11.4. Cited 26x

7. Coffelt SB, Kersten K, Doornebal CW, Weiden J, Vrijland K, Hau C-S, Verstegen NJM, Ciampricotti M, Hawinkels LJAC, Jonkers J, de Visser KE. IL17-producing γδ T cells and neutrophils conspire to promote breast cancer metastasis. Nature 552, 345-348 (2015). IF: 38.1. Cited 173x

Featured in:
  • Cancer Discovery 5; 463 (2015) γδ T cells Promote Breast Cancer Metastasis via Regulation of Neutrophils
  • Cell Research 25; 7: 765-766 (2015) Promoting metastasis: neutrophils and T cells join forces, Z.G. Fridlender, S.M. Albelda and Z. Granot.
  • Science Signalling 8; 382: ec168 (2015) Metastatic trio: Macrophages, neutrophils, and γδ T cells. N.R. Gough
  • Extensive national and international media attention

8. Doornebal CW, Klarenbeek S, Braumuller TM, Klijn CN, Ciampricotti M, Hau C-S, Hollmann MW, Jonkers Jc, de Visser KE . A preclinical mouse model of invasive lobular breast cancer metastasis. Cancer Research 73 : 353-363 (2013). IF: 8.6. Cited 23x

9. Ciampricotti M, Hau C-S, Doornebal CW, Jonkers K, de Visser KE. Chemotherapy response of spontaneous mammary tumors is independent of the adaptive immune system. Nature Medicine 18: 344-346 (2012). IF: 30.4. Cited 54x

10. de Visser KE, Eichten A, Coussens LM. Paradoxical roles of the immune system during cancer development. Nature Reviews Cancer 6: 24-37 (2006). IF: 34.2. Cited 1668x

11. de Visser KE, Korets LV, Coussens LM. De Novo carcinogenesis promoted by chronic inflammation is B lymphocyte dependent. Cancer Cell 7: 411-423 (2005). IF: 23.2. Cited 581x

Featured in:
  • Faculty of 1000 – Exceptional (Factor 6.0). Authoritative evaluation by R. Abraham, Wyeth Research. http://f1000biology.com/guardpages/evaluation/1015124
  • Nature 435:752-753 (2005). ‘Inflammation by Remote Control’. A. Mantovani
  • Cancer Cell 7: 403-405 (2005). ‘The role of the immune system in early carcinogenesis: B-ware the double-edged sword’. A. Houghton, H. Uchi, and J.D. Wolchok.
  • Nature Reviews Cancer 5:501 (2005) and Nature Reviews Immunology 5:517 (2005). ‘B cells lead the way in tumour progression’. K. Minton.

H-index K.E. de Visser: 26
Total citations: 5218

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