Sonja de Leeuw - Selected Publications#

de Leeuw, S., M. M. Drees (eds). (2015) The Power of Satire. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

de Leeuw, S. & J. van Gorp (2015) Digital Media Archeology: Uncovering the digital tool AVResearcherXL. VIEW: Journal of European Television History and Culture, 4, 7: 38-53.

de Leeuw, S. (2012) Transnationality in Dutch (pre) television: The central role of Erik de Vries. In A. Fickers and C. Johnson (eds), Transnational Television History. A comparative approach. London: Routledge, 49-66.

de Leeuw, S., B. Hogenkamp, H. Wijfjes (eds) (2012) Een eeuw van beeld en geluid: Cultuurgeschiedenis van radio en televisie in Nederland. Hilversum, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid. [A Cultural History of Radio and Television in the Netherlands]].

de Leeuw, S. (2012) European Television History Online: History and Challenges. Journal of EuropeanTelevision History and Culture, 1: 3-11.

de Leeuw, S. (2010) Television Fiction: a Domain of Memory. Retelling the Past on Dutch Television. In: E. Bell and A. Gray (eds), Televising History: Mediating the Past in Postwar Europe. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 139-151.

de Leeuw, S., J. van Sterkenburg, A. Knoppers (2010) Race, ethnicity and content analysis of the sports media: a critical reflection. Media, Culture & Society, 32, 5: 819-839.

de Leeuw, S. (2008) TV nations or global medium? European television between national institution and window on the world. In: J. Bignell & A. Fickers (eds.), A European Television History. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell: 127-153.

de Leeuw, S. & I. Rydin (2007) Migrant Children’s Digital Stories: Identity formation and self-representation through media production. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 10, 4: 447-464.

de Leeuw, S. (2007) Dutch Documentary Film as a Site of Memory: Changing Perspectives in the 1990s, Journal of European Cultural Studies, 10, 1: 75-87.

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