Irene de Jong - Selected publications#

  • Narators and Focalizers. The Presentation of the Story in the Iliad (Amsterdam, Gruener 1987. second edition Duckwort 2004)).
  • Narrative in Drama. The Art of the Euripides Messenger-Speech (Leiden, Brill l99l).
  • A Narratological Commentary on the Odessey (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press 200l).
  • I.J.F. de Jong & JP. Sullivan (eds.) Modern Critical Theory & Classical Literature(Leiden, Brill 1994).
  • I.J.F. de Jong(Ed.) Homer: Critical Assessments, Vols. I–IV. (Routledge, London and New York, 1998).
  • Egbert J. Bakker, Irene J .F. de Jong, Hans van Wees (eds.) Brills Companion to Herodotus (Leiden, Brill 2002).
  • I.J.F. de Jong, R. Niinlist, A. Bowie (eds.) Narrators, Narratees, and Narratives. Studies in Ancient Greek Narrative (Leiden. Brill 2004).
  • I.J.F. de Jong, A. Rijksbaron (eds.) Sophocles and the Greek language. Aspects of Diction, Syntax, and Pragmatics (Leiden, Brill 2006).

  • ‘Euryklea and Odysseus’ scar: Odyssey 194393466’, Classical Quarterly 35 (1985), 517-8.
  • "Three Off-stage Characters in Euripides", Mnemosyne 43 (1990), 1-21.
  • ‘Aspects narratologiques des Histories de ‘Herodote’, Iallies 19 (1999), 219-77.
  • The Anachronical Structure of Herodotus "Histories", in S.J. Harrison (ed.) Texts, Ideas and The Classics (Oxford, OUP 2001), 93-1 16.
  • "The Hommeric Narrator and his own kleos", Mnemasyne 59 (2006), 188-207.

Covers of selected books#

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