Fabio Zwirner - Publications#

According to the INSPIRE database: 86 publications in refereed journals with more than 12000 citations, and an h-index of 52. According to Google Scholar: 160 publications with more than 15000 citations and an hindex of 57.

G. Dall'Agata and F. Zwirner, One-loop effective potential in Scherk-Schwarz compactifications of pure d=5 supergravities, arXiv:2401.02480, submitted for publication to JHEP.

D. Racco, A. Wulzer and F. Zwirner, Robust collider limits on heavy-mediator Dark Matter, arXiv:1502.04701 [hep-ph]], JHEP 05 (2015) 009.

G. Dall'Agata and F. Zwirner, On sgoldstino-less supergravity models of inflation, JHEP 1412 (2014) 172.

G. Dall'Agata and F. Zwirner, New Class of N=1 No-Scale Supergravity Models, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 25, 251601.

G. Dall'Agata and F. Zwirner, Quantum corrections to broken N = 8 supergravity, JHEP 1209 (2012) 078.

F. Catino, G. Villadoro and F. Zwirner, On Fayet-Iliopoulos terms and de Sitter vacua in supergravity: Some easy pieces, JHEP 1201 (2012) 002.

E. Salvioni, A. Strumia, G. Villadoro and F. Zwirner, Non-universal minimal Z' models: present bounds and early LHC reach,JHEP 1003 (2010) 010.

E. Salvioni, G. Villadoro and F. Zwirner, Minimal Z-prime models: Present bounds and early LHC reach, JHEP 0911 (2009) 068.

G. Villadoro and F. Zwirner, N=1 effective potential from dual type-IIA D6/O6 orientifolds with general fluxes, JHEP 0506 (2005) 047.

J.P. Derendinger, S. Ferrara, C. Kounnas and F. Zwirner, On loop corrections to string effective field theories: Field dependent gauge couplings and sigma model anomalies, Nucl. Phys. B 372 (1992) 145.

J.R. Ellis, G. Ridolfi and F. Zwirner, Radiative corrections to the masses of supersymmetric Higgs bosons, Phys. Lett. B 257 (1991) 83 (1265 citations counted in INSPIRE as of 24 Apr 2015).

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