Theodore Zeldin - Selected Publications#

The Political System of Napoleon III (1958)
Edited (with Anne Troisier de Diaz) Émile Ollivier, Journal: 1946-1863 (1961)
Émile Ollivier and the Liberal Empire of Napoleon III (1963)
Conflicts in French Society: Anticlericalism, Education and Morals in the Nineteenth Century: Essays (1970)
France, 1848-1945: Volume I - Ambition, Love and Politics (1973) Volume II - Intellect, Taste and Anxiety (1977) (Oxford History of Modern Europe series). Revised and reissued as:
History of French Passions (5 volumes: Ambition and Love; Intellect and Pride; Taste and Corruption; Politics and Anger; Anxiety and Hypocrisy) (1973–1977)
The French (1982)
Foreword to Jeremy Jennings, Georges Sorel: The Character and Development of His Thought (1985)
Introduction to Le tunnel sous la Manche: chronique d'une passion franco-anglaise (1987)
Happiness (novel) (1988)
An Intimate History of Humanity (1994)
Conversation (2000)
Guide to an Unknown City (2004)
Guide to an Unknown University (2006)
Gary Hill & Gerry Judah (with Jenny Blyth) (2007)
The Hidden Pleasures of Life: A New Way of Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future (2015)

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