Adriano Zecchina - Selected publications#

The A.Zecchina H factor is 69 ( from ISI).
The number of citations is 15400 (12500 without self citations)( ISI )
Total number of publications in the 1970-2012 period is 430 ( including 5 reviews)
1 Book
The number of papers published per year in the 2007-2012 period is about 8. He is still scientifically active.
Adriano Zecchina can be considered as one of the pioneers of the application of IR and UV-Vis-NIR to the study of surface species on oxides, dispersed metals and microporous materials like zeolites. The candidate started his scientific career (1963-67) as pure spectroscopist by studying the roto-vibrational spectroscopy of small molecules ( pyrazole, triazole,oxazole etc). Starting from 1967 he moved to the area of vibration and electronic transitions at surfaces.
Among the oldest contributions of the 1972-1985 period ,the discovery of surface states on alakaline earth oxides must be mentioned ( 1974) . AZ was the first to study the vibrational spectroscopy of solid solutions (1978), of adsorbed oxygen on various oxides (1971) and the surface chemistry of metal ions grafted to silica surface (1969).

List of the most important publications of the last 5 years

1) Particles Morphology and Surface Properties As Investigated by HRTEM, FTIR, and Periodic DFT Calculations: From Pyrogenic TiO2 (P25) to Nanoanatase
Lorenzo Mino,* Giuseppe Spoto, Silvia Bordiga, and Adriano Zecchina.,
Phys. Chem. C 2012, 116, 17008−17018

2) Surface chromium single sites: open problems and recent advances .
Zecchina, Adriano and Groppo, Elena; Source: PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES Volume: 468 Issue: 2143 Pag 2087 (2012)

3) Operando surface spectroscopy-placing catalytic solids at work under the spotlight
Arean, C. O.; Weckhuysen, B. M.and Zecchina, A.
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 14 Issue: 7 Pages: 2125-2127 (2012 )

4) Enhancing the Initial Rate of Polymerisation of the Reduced Phillips Catalyst by One Order of Magnitude
Groppo, Elena; Damin, A.; Otero Arean, C and Zecchina A.
CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL Volume: 17 Issue: 40 Pages: 11110-11114 ( 2011)

5) Model oxide supported MoS2 HDS catalysts: structure and surface properties
Federico Cesano, Serena Bertarione, Andrea Piovano, Giovanni Agostini, Mohammed Mastabur Rahman,Elena Groppo,Francesca Bonino, Domenica Scarano, Carlo Lamberti, Silvia Bordiga, Luciano Montanari, Lucia Bonoldi, Roberto Millini and Adriano Zecchina;
Catal. Sci. Technol., 2011, 1, 123–136

6) Probing the surfaces of heterogeneous catalysts by in situ IR spectroscopy
Lamberti, Carlo; Zecchina, Adriano; Groppo, Elena; et al.
CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS Volume: 39 Issue: 12 Pages: 4951-5001 (2010)

7) Gold Nanoparticle Aggregates Immobilized on High Surface Area Silica Substrate for Efficient and Clean SERS Applications
Budnyk, Andriy P.; Damin, Alessandro; Agostini, Giovanni; Bordiga Silvia and Zecchina Adriano
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 114 Issue: 9 Pages: 3857-3862 (2010 )

8) Adsorption and reactivity of nitrogen oxides (NO2, NO, N2O) on Fe–zeolites
Mickaël Rivallan Gabriele Ricchiardi; Silvia Bordiga Adriano Zecchina
Journal of Catal.,vol 264,104 (2009)

9) Cotton textile fibres coated by Au/TiO2 films: Synthesis, characterization and self cleaning properties.
M.J. UddinF. Cesano, D. Scarano, F. Bonino, G. Agostini, G. Spoto, S. Bordiga, A. Zecchina
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 199 (2008) 64

10) Oriented TiO2 Nanostructured Pillar Arrays: Synthesis and Characterization
Federico Cesano, Serena Bertarione,Alessandro Damin, Giovanni Agostini, Sandro Usseglio, Jenny G. Vitillo, Carlo Lamberti, Giuseppe Spoto, Domenica Scarano, Adriano Zecchina
Advanced Materials, Volume 20, Issue 17, pages 3342–3348 ( 2008)

List of the 10 most cited articles obtained from ISI web which have been partly responsible of the international recognition of the candidate ( data from ISI web and limited to the 1985-2012 period)

[1] Bordiga S, Buzzoni R, Geobaldo F, Lamberti C, Giamello E, Zecchina A, et al. Structure and reactivity of framework and extraframework iron in Fe-silicalite as investigated by spectroscopic and physicochemical methods. Journal of Catalysis 1996 Feb; 158(2):486-501. Times Cited: 357
Bordiga, S Buzzoni, R Geobaldo, F Lamberti, C Giamello, E Zecchina, A Leofanti, G Petrini, G Tozzola, G Vlaic, G.
[2] Bordiga S, Coluccia S, Lamberti C, Marchese L, Zecchina A, Boscherini F, et al. XAFS STUDY OF TI-SILICALITE - STRUCTURE OF FRAMEWORK TI(IV) IN THE PRESENCE AND ABSENCE OF REACTIVE MOLECULES (H2O, NH3) AND COMPARISON WITH ULTRAVIOLET-VISIBLE AND IR RESULTS. Journal of Physical Chemistry 1994 Apr; 98(15):4125-32. Times Cited: 287
[3] Geobaldo F, Bordiga S, Zecchina A, Giamello E, Leofanti G, Petrini G. DRS UV-VIS AND EPR SPECTROSCOPY OF HYDROPEROXO AND SUPEROXO COMPLEXES IN TITANIUM SILICALITE. Catalysis Letters 1992; 16(1-2):109-15. Times Cited: 26
[4] Zecchina A, Bordiga S, Spoto G, Scarano D, Petrini G, Leofanti G, et al. LOW-TEMPERATURE FOURIER-TRANSFORM INFRARED INVESTIGATION OF THE INTERACTION OF CO WITH NANOSIZED ZSM5 AND SILICALITE. Journal of the Chemical Society-Faraday Transactions 1992 Oct; 88(19):2959-69. Times Cited: 249
[5] Lamberti C, Bordiga S, Salvalaggio M, Spoto G, Zecchina A, Geobaldo F, et al. XAFS, IR, and UV-vis study of the Cu-I environment in Cu-I-ZSM-5. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 1997 Jan; 101(3):344-60. Times Cited: 238
[6] Zecchina A, Arean CO. Diatomic molecular probes for mid-IR studies of zeolites. Chemical Society Reviews 1996 Jun; 25(3):187-&. Times Cited: 234
[7] Spoto G, Zecchina A, Bordiga S, Ricchiardi G, Martra G, Leofanti G, et al. CU(I)-ZSM-5 ZEOLITES PREPARED BY REACTION OF H-ZSM-5 WITH GASEOUS CUCL - SPECTROSCOPIC CHARACTERIZATION AND REACTIVITY TOWARDS CARBON-MONOXIDE AND NITRIC-OXIDE. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 1994 Feb; 3(2-3):151-72. Times Cited: 225
[8] Zecchina A, Bordiga S, Spoto G, Marchese L, Petrini G, Leofanti G, et al. SILICALITE CHARACTERIZATION .2. IR SPECTROSCOPY OF THE INTERACTION OF CO WITH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL HYDROXYL-GROUPS. Journal of Physical Chemistry 1992 Jun; 96(12):4991-7. Times Cited:
[9] Scarano D, Zecchina A, Bordiga S, Geobaldo F, Spoto G, Petrini G, et al. FOURIER-TRANSFORM INFRARED AND RAMAN-SPECTRA OF PURE AND AL-SUBSTITUTED, B-SUBSTITUTED, TI-SUBSTITUTED AND FE-SUBSTITUTED SILICALITES - STRETCHING-MODE REGION. Journal of the Chemical Society-Faraday Transactions 1993 Nov; 89(22):4123-30. Times Cited: 182
[10] Spoto G, Bordiga S, Scarano D, Zecchina A. WELL DEFINED CUI(NO), CUI(NO)2 AND CUII(NO)X (X=O- AND OR NO-2-)COMPLEXES IN CUI-ZSM5 PREPARED BY INTERACTION OF H-ZSM5 WITH GASEOUS CUCL. Catalysis Letters 1992; 13(1-2):39-44. Times Cited: 1
[11] Groppo E, Lamberti C, Bordiga S, Spoto G, Zecchina A. The structure of active centers and the ethylene polymerization mechanism on the Cr/SiO2 catalyst: A frontier for the characterization methods. Chemical Reviews 2005 Jan; 105(1):115
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