Jihong Yu - Selected Publications#

1. Feng, G. D.; Wang, J. Y.; Boronat, M.; Li, Y.; Su, J. H.; Huang, J.; Ma, Y. H.; Yu, J. H.*, “Radical-facilitated green synthesis of highly ordered mesoporous silica materials”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (2018), 4770-4773.(JACS Spotlights article)(Citations: 6, impact factor: 14.357)

2. Li, Y.; Li, L.; Yu, J. H.*, “Applications of zeolites in sustainable chemistry”, Chem, 3(2017), 928-949. (Citations:27, impact factor: 14.104)

3. Sun, Q. M.; Wang, N.; Bing, Q. M.; Si, R.; Liu, J. Y.; Bai, R. S.; Zhang, P.; Jia, M. J., Yu, J. H.*, “Subnanometric hybrid Pd-M(OH)2, M = Ni, Co, clusters in zeolites as highly efficient nanocatalysts for hydrogen generation”, Chem., 3(2017), 477-493. (Citations:23, impact factor: 14.104)

4. Wang, Y.; Di, J. C.; Wang, L.; Li, X.; Wang, N.; Wang, B. X.; Tian, Y.*; Jiang, L. and Yu, J. H.*, “Infused-liquid-switchable porous nanofibrous membranes for multiphase liquid separation”, Nature Communications, 8(2017), 575. (Citations:20, impact factor: 12.353)

5. Liu, J. C.; Wang, N.; Yu, Y.; Yan, Y.; Zhang, H. Y.; Li, J. Y. *; Yu, J. H. *, “Carbon dots in zeolites: A new class of thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials with ultralong lifetimes”, Science Advances, 3(2017), e1603171. (Citations:32, impact factor: 11.511)

6. Feng, G. D.; Cheng, P.; Yan, W. F.; Boronat M.; Li, X.; Su, J. H.; Wang, J. Y.; Li, Y.; Corma, A.; Xu, R. R.; Yu, J. H.*, “Accelerated crystallization of zeolites via hydroxyl free radicals”, Science, 351(2016),1188-1191. (Citations:81, impact factor: 41.058)

7. Wang, N.; Sun, Q. M.; Bai, R. S., Li, X.; Guo, G. Q. Yu, J. H.*, “In situ confinement of ultrasmall Pd clusters within nanosized silicalite-1 zeolite for high-efficient hydrogen generation catalysis”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138(2016), 7484-7487. (Citations:129, impact factor: 14.357)

8. Li, J. Y.; Corma, A.; Yu, J. H.*, “Synthesis of new zeolite structures”, Chemical Society Reviews, 44(2015), 7112-7127. (Citations:153, impact factor: 40.182)

9. Li, Y.; Li, X.; Liu, J. C.; Duan, F. Z.; Yu, J. H.*, “In silico prediction and screening of modular crystal structures via a high-throughput genomic approach”, Nature Communications, 6(2015), 8328. (Citations:28, impact factor: 12.353)

10. Li, Y.; Yu, J. H.*, “New stories of zeolite structures: their descriptions, determinations, predictions, and evaluations”, Chemical Reviews, 114(2014), 7268-7316. (Citations:193, impact factor: 52.613)

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