Fengchang Wu - Biography#

Dr. Wu obtained his PhD in environmental geochemistry in 1995 from Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been instrumental to the significant progress of water quality improvement in China through advancements of science, technology and management in the field, including:

  • He has led and completed several national and international key projects to establish new theories, models and technologies for scientific derivation of water quality criteria.
  • He founded the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Criteria and Risk Assessment for scientific research, talent cultivation and international cooperation in this research area.
  • He has developed new theories and methods for controlling heavy metal pollution, including a set of equipment, device and methods for their monitoring, analysis, exposure and risk assessment in >20 lakes/reservoirs.
  • As Technology Chief Engineer of “Water Pollution Control and Treatment Technology Major Projects of National Key Technologies R&D Program”, he plays the central role in theory discovery, technical innovation and problem solving in water pollution control, treatment engineering and environmental management.
  • He regularly provides scientific advices and policy suggestions to national and local governments for decision-making on ecological civilization construction, food safety, regulations of toxic chemicals and environmental health.
  • As a consultant for international organisations (e.g., International Copper Association, International Nickel Association), national and local governments, he provides scientific advices for decision-making, laws and regulations, and standard establishment.
  • He invented a full-set of sampling equipment for in-situ sediment/water/particulates, rapid pollutant enrichment and separation technology.
  • He conducted numerous environmental engineering practices for comprehensive treatment and ecological restoration of polluted sediments of >10 key river-basins/lakes.
  • He developed methods for pollution source apportionment, fate and transport prediction, process simulation, risk assessment and criteria establishment.
  • During the COVID-19 epidemic, Dr. Wu has served as Deputy Director of the State Council's expert group of the environmental risk prevention and control in China.

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