John Woods#

John Woods
An invitation to a photo exhibition by John Woods
John Woods is still an active professor at Imperial College London, but only part time. He lives in Italy and commutes to London as necessary (about one week per month).

In nominal retirement he has made more time for his hobby - serious photography.

John Woods' photographs are on permanent exhibition in Genoa (Italy) with a new set of pictures every two months. He publishes photo books one or two per year.

He has created a not-for-profit photographic partnership, Foto Zerüi. Foto Zerüi is a not-for-profit partnership for photographers, founded in 2006 by John Woods and Silvana Vallerga. Its aim is to promote the craft of photography and provide photographic services and products in the community. At present Foto Zerüi has five partners and one associate.

Recent exhibitions
  • 2006 Beigua
  • 2009 Riviera
  • 2010 AcquaMarina - metamorphosi in Mare

Recent books
  • 2007 Royal Gun Salute
  • 2008 Gaia in Liguria
  • 2009 Opera evening
  • 2010 The Joy of Swimming

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