Malgorzata Witko - Selected publications#

1. M. Witko, “Oxidation of hydrocarbons on transition metal oxides catalysts - Quantum chemical studies”, J. Mol. Catal., 70 (1991) 277-333 ( IF= 2.872)

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10. D. Duraczyńska, E.M. Serwicka, A. Drelinkiewicz, D. Rutkowska- Żbik, M. Witko, R. Socha, M. Zimowska, Z. Olejniczak, "Nanospace constraints in mesoporous silica carriers - a factor of critical importance in promoting the catalytic activity of supported ruthenium (II) complex with hemilabile phosphine ligand", Applied Catal. A: General, 427-428 (2012) 16-23 (3.384)
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