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Since joining UCL, Alan Wilson has published two papers and there are seven others in the press as noted below.

Publications since 2000. (Earlier principal publications see further below)

Complex spatial systems: the modelling foundations of urban and regional analysis, Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2000.

Urban modelling: conceptual, mathematical and computational challenges, presented at the 39th European Congress of the Regional Science Association, Dublin, August 1999; A. Reggiani (Ed.), Spatial economic science: new frontiers in theory and methodology, Springer, Berlin, pp. 15-29, 2000.

The widening access debate: student flows to universities and associated performance indicators, Environment and Planning, A, 32, pp. 2019-2031, 2000.

Complex spatial systems: mathematical challenges, Mathematical and Computational Modelling, 36, pp. 379-387, 2002.

(with Martin Berzins) Spatial interaction models and Fisher information: a new calibration algorithm, Environment and Planning, A., 35, pp. 2161-2176, 2003.

(with R. J. Bennett) Geography applied, in R. J. Johnston and M. Williams (eds.) A century of British Geography, British Academy, London, pp. 463-501, 2003.

Ecological and urban systems’ models: some explorations of similarities in the context of complexity theory, Environment and Planning, A, 38, pp. 633-646, 2006.

A general representation for urban and regional models, Computers, Environment and urban systems, 31, pp. 148-161, 2007.

Boltzmann, Lotka and Volterra and spatial structural evolution: an integrated methodology for some dynamical systems, Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, doi:10.1098/rsif.2007.1288, 2007.

Urban and regional dynamics – 1: A core model for the analysis of urban dynamics, Working paper 128, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, 2008.

Urban and regional dynamics – 2: an hierarchical model for interacting regions, Working Paper 129, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, 2008.

Urban and regional dynamics – 3: Urban and regional ‘DNA’: the basis for constructing as typology of areas, Working paper 130, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, 2008.

(with J. Dearden) Exploring urban retail phase transitions – 1: an analysis system, Working Paper 141, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

Science and the city, Environment and Planning, A, 40, pp. 2800-2808.


The general urban model: retrospect and prospect, Papers, Regional Science Association.

The ‘thermodynamics’ of the city, in Aura Reggiani (ed.) Complexity and spatial networks, Springer, Berlin.

Urban and regional dynamics from the global to the local: hierarchies, ‘DNA’ and ‘genetic planning’, Environment and Planning, B.

Remote sensing as the ‘X-ray crystallography’ for urban DNA, International Journal of Remote Sensing.

Phase transitions in urban evolution, Journal of Geographical Systems.

Entropy-maximising models – 40 years on, Geographical Analysis

The state of the art in building residential location models, in F. Pagliara (ed.) Residential location models, Springer, Berlin.

Principal publications pre-2000

A statistical theory of spatial distribution models, Transportation Research, 1, pp 253-69, 1967; also reprinted in R E Quandt (ed) The demand for travel: theory and measurement, Heath Lexington, Boston, 1970, pp 55-82, and reprinted in S Angel and G M Hyman (eds) Urban Fields, Pion, London, 1976, pp 162-78.

The integration of accounting and location theory frameworks in urban modelling, in A J Scott (ed) Studies in regional science, Pion, London, 1969.

Developments of some elementary residential location models, Journal of Regional Science, 9, pp 377-85, 1969.

Interregional commodity flows: entropy maximising methods, Geographical Analysis, 2, pp 255-82, 1970.

Disaggregating elementary residential location models, Papers, Regional Science Association, 24, pp 103-25, 1970.

Entropy in urban and regional modelling, Pion, London, 1970; Russian translation, Nauka, Moscow, 1978.

A family of spatial interaction models and associated developments, Environment and Planning, 3, p 1-32, 1971.

Some recent developments in microeconomic approaches to modelling households’ behaviour with special to spatiotemporal organisation, presented to the Centre for Environmental Studies Conference on Urban Economics, Keele, 1971; reprinted in A.G.Wilson, Papers in urban and regional analysis, Pion, London, pp 216-36,1972.

Understanding the city of the future, University of Leeds Review, 15, 135-66, 1972; reprinted in abbreviated form in Cambridge Review, 94, No 2211, p 936.

Theoretical geography: some speculations, Transactions, Institute of British Geographers, 57, pp 31-44, 1972; reprinted in Japanese in N Buro (ed) Spatial theory, Kokonstroin, Tokyo, 1976, pp 204-27.

Towards systems models for water resource management, Journal of Environmental Management, 1, pp 36-52, 1973. (with P H Rees) Accounts and models for spatial demographic analysis, 1, aggregated populations, Environment and Planning, 5, pp 61-90, 1973.

(with P H Rees) Accounts and models for spatial demographic analysis 2: age-sex disaggregated populations, Environment and Planning, 6, pp 101-16,1974.

(with M L Senior) Some relationships between entropy maximising models, mathematical programming models and their duals, Journal of Regional Science, 14, pp 207-15, 1974.

(with M L Senior) Explorations and syntheses of linear programming and spatial interaction models of residential location, Geographical Analysis, 6, pp 209-38,1974.

(with E L Cripps and S M Macgill) Energy and materials flows in the urban space economy, Transportation Research, 8, pp 293-305,1974.

Urban and regional models in geography and planning, John Wiley, Chichester and New York, 1974; Spanish translation, Oikos-Tan, Barcelona.

Learning and control mechanisms for urban modelling, in E L Cripps (ed) Regional Science: new concepts and old problems, Pion, London, pp 137-55, 1975.

(with P H Rees) Accounts and models for spatial demographic analysis 3: rates and life tables, Environment and Planning, A, 7, pp 199-231, 1975.

Catastrophe theory and urban modelling: an application to modal choice, Environment and Planning, A, 8, pp 351-6, 1976.

(with C E Pownall) A new representation of the urban system for modelling and for the study of micro-level interdependence, Area, 8, pp 256-64, 1976.

(with J D Coelho) The optimum location and size of shopping centres, Regional Studies, 10, pp 413-21, 1976.

(with J D Coelho) An equivalence theorem to integrate entropy maximising submodels within overall mathematical programming frameworks, Geographical Analysis, 9, pp 160-73, 1977.

(with T Poston) Facility size versus distance travelled: urban services and the fold catastrophe, Environment and Planning, A, 9, pp 681-86, 1977.

(with P H Rees) Spatial population analysis, Edward Arnold, London; and Academic Press, New York, 1977. Spatial interaction and settlement structure: towards an explicit central place theory, in A Karlqvist, L Lundqvist, F Snickars and J W Weibull (eds) Spatial interaction theory and planning models, North Holland, Amsterdam, pp 137-56, 1978.

(with B Harris) Equilibrium values and dynamics of attractiveness terms in production-constrained spatial-interaction models, Environment and Planning, A, 10, pp 371-88, 1978

Towards models of the evolution and genesis of urban structure, in R L Martin, N J Thrift and R J Bennett (eds) Towards the dynamic analysis of spatial systems, Pion, London, pp 79-90, 1978.

(with J R Beaumont and M Clarke) The dynamics of urban spatial structure: some exploratory results using different equations and bifurcation theory, Environment and Planning, A, 13, pp 1473-83, 1981.

Some new sources of instability and oscillation in dynamic models of shopping centres and other urban structures, Sistemi Urbani, 3, pp 391-401, 1981.

Catastrophe theory and bifurcation: applications to urban and regional systems, Croom Helm. London; University of California Press, Berkeley, 1981.

Geography and the environment: systems analytical methods, John Wiley, Chichester and New York, 1981.

(with J D Coelho, S M Macgill and H C W L Williams) Optimisation in locational and transport analysis, John Wiley, Chichester and New York, 1981.

(with M Clarke) A model-based approach to planning in the National Health Service, Environment and Planning, B, 12, pp 287-302, 1985.

(with R J Bennett) Mathematical methods in human geography and planning, John Wiley, Chichester and New York, 1985.

Spatial dynamics: classical problems, an integrated modelling approach and system performance, Papers, Regional Science Association, 58, pp 47-58, 1986.

(with M Birkin) Industrial location theory I: a review and an integrating framework, Environment and Planning, A, 18, pp 175-205, 1986.

(with M Birkin) Industrial location models II: Weber, Palander, Hotelling and extensions in a new framework, Environment and Planning, A, 18, pp 293-306, 1986.

(with M Clarke) A framework for dynamic comprehensive urban models: the integration of accounting and micro-simulation approaches, Sistemi Urbani, 2/3, pp 145-177, 1986.

(with M Birkin) Dynamic models of agricultural location in a spatial interaction context, Geographical Analysis, 19(1), pp 31-56, 1987.

(with G P Clarke) Performance indicators and model-based planning I: the indicator movement and the possibilities for urban planning, Sistemi Urbani, 2, pp 79-123, 1987.

(with T E Rihll) Spatial interaction and structural models in historical analysis: some possibilities and an example, Histoire et Mesure II-1, pp 5-32, 1987.

(with T Rihll) Model-based approaches to the analysis of regional settlement structures: the case of ancient Greece, in P Denley and D Hopkin (eds) History and Computing, Manchester University Press, pp 10-20, 1987.

(with G P Clarke) Performance indicators and model-based planning II: model-based approaches, in Sistemi Urbani, 9, pp 138-165, 1987.

(with C S Bertuglia, G Leonardi, S Ocelli, G A Rabino and R Tadei and others) Urban systems: contemporary approaches to modelling, Croom Helm, London, 1987.

Configurational analysis and urban and regional theory, in Sistemi Urbani, 10, pp 51-62, 1988.

(with C S Bertuglia, G Leonardi and others) Urban dynamics: designing an integrated model, Routledge, London 1990.

(with T Rihll) Settlement structures in Ancient Greece: new approaches to the polis, in J Rich and A Wallace-Hadrill (eds) City and Country in the Ancient World, Croom Helm, London, 1991.

(with Y-X Jin) Generation of Integrated Multispatial Input-Output Models of Cities (GIMIMoC) I: Initial Stage. Papers, Regional Science Association, 72, 4, pp 351-367, 1992.

(with C S Bertuglia, G P Clarke and others). Modelling the city: Performance, policy and planning, Routledge, London, 1994.

Simplicity and Generality: Dreams of a Final Theory in Locational Analysis, in Cliff, Gould, Hoare and Thrift (Eds) Diffusing Geography, pp 342-352 (Festschrift of Essays to Professor Haggett), Blackwell, 1995.

(with M Birkin, G P Clarke and M Clarke) Intelligent geographical information systems, GeoInformation, London, March, 1996.

Land use-transport interaction models: past and future, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 32, pp. 3-26, 1998.

Information technology in the social sciences, pp. 189-201 in T. Coppock (ed.) Information Technology and scholarship, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1999.

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