Knowledge Transfer#

Alan Wilson

Much of my research has been successfully commercialised in the past – mainly through the development of GMAP Ltd – see above - and the projects that it has spawned within many commercial companies. The methods developed are still being applied on a global basis. Very recently, through Oakleigh Consulting, I have been advising Nakheel, a major Government-owned developer in Dubai, on its planning systems.

In recent years, in addition to my core research work, I have acquired considerable knowledge of all education sectors. I have been working in recent months as a consultant for Cisco Systems Inc. on education policy, particularly through their programme to assist in the redevelopment of schools in Louisiana and Mississippi following the Katrina hurricane which devasted New Orleans and the surrounding region. I have been associated with the Cisco Education White Paper published this month (May 2008).

I am actively concerned with the development of arts and social science disciplines. I chair a group for the British Academy on the roles of Humanities and Social Science Research in the Development of Government Policy which is due to report in the Autumn (and I recently gave evidence to the Council for Science and Technology’s project on this subject.) I chair the Arts and Humanities Research Council. I am a Board member of the Foundation for Science and Technology. I chair SCORE, a partnership of learned societies convened by the Royal Society, to support development in science education. In this role, I consult and advise widely, with the Government’s National STEM Adviser for example, and recently with Lord Sainsbury and the Gatsby Foundation. SCORE is supported by grants from DCSF and Gatsby as well as its partners. I am a member of the Education Committee of the Royal Society.

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